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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Wall Of Arms, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    the one on the left is what they offered last year
  2. colorlesscliche

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    Imgur Image
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  3. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    he’s got a nice hat.
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  4. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    Damn, I should get an elephant piece lol
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  5. colorlesscliche

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    Mine was an inside joke, so I had to make it humorous (hence the hat and tux).
  6. Shakriel

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    Newest tat, first on my leg:
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  7. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    Elephant shin gang
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  8. Shakriel

    Don’t fuck with me, I will cry. Prestigious

    Ghost in the Shell:
  9. Philll


    I really like images framed in a simple geometric shape like that.
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  10. Aaron Mook

    "We're Gonna Live Forever" out 2/28 Moderator

    Also made an appointment for a calf piece for my birthday!
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  11. jkauf

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    Getting the itch again, might have to get myself a birthday present in April.
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  12. disambigujason

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    Started a half sleeve today. Inspired by some Define the Great Line booklet art.

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  13. Barresi

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    My third piece done by Mike Adams. :)
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  14. Dog with a Blog

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    It’s really hard to get a pic of the whole piece but we finished this up yesterday

    5367AE89-99DA-4C58-83B5-27F24A27F914.jpeg 3E73DC1E-14F3-4721-B259-4B58228FF385.jpeg
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  15. supernovagirl

    Poetic and noble land mermaid

    I’m not body shaming you but you’re a lot hairier than I expected @Dog with a Blog
    is that because you’re bald?? Am I making assumptions bc of that lmaotattoo looks great too
  16. Colby Searcy

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    I now understand why he's such a ladies man
  17. Shakriel

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    i now know why he's called Dog
  18. drewinseries

    Drew @AndrewNCaruso fb/kingwildlands

    Just got this today:

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  20. colorlesscliche

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    Speaking of spooky, my next one on my calf is going to be Halloween themed, but I can't decide what I actually want. I was thinking a mash-up of pumpkin/ghost/skeleton.
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  21. drewinseries

    Drew @AndrewNCaruso fb/kingwildlands

    His page is rad, just checked it out.

    Looks great!
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  22. Barresi

    Spooky Space Kook Supporter

    Yes, I’ve been very lucky— he’s by far my favorite tattoo artist.

    Thanks a lot!
  23. Zach7656


    not a constellation dude, but i thought it would be cool to get the stars that make up the scorpius on my ribcage. just the stars and their names. possibly coordinates. I wouldn't have them connect them either that can be for me if i wanted to show it off or something stupid
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  24. disambigujason

    Formerly js977 Supporter

    I’ve had a couple tattoos before but my most recent was the biggest. I expected a good amount of peeling but I’ve lost quite a bit of definition and ink after a week. Is that normal and can I expect it to look better once the peeling’s done?
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  25. Colby Searcy

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    It's been a while for me since I've had one but it'd say so. I'm pretty sure I recall my artist(s) telling me that is pretty normal. Do you get free touchups for this one? I'm not sure how common of a practice that is.