The Straight-Edge/Sober Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by mgiannotti, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. mgiannotti

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    Who else here is or was edge/sober/going on a t-break/whatever?

    One of my buds started calling me Edge Mike as a joke years ago and now it's escalated into my actual nickname.
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  2. DarkHotline

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  3. J.C.

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    they call me edge joe
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  4. Henry

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  5. williek311

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    The Wrong Side - When The Ink Leaves Your Fist is probably my favorite straight edge song.

    Two words....

  6. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    straight edge and sober but not for moral/ideological reasons, just don't like the taste of alcohol and so OCD that the idea of getting drunk or high and losing control scares me
  7. mgiannotti

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    Same here, I'm terrified something awful would happen if I ever got even a little drunk or high
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  8. US Camera

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    I've been sober the past five months just bc drinking and smoking started making me crazy anxious
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  9. futures


    I'm straight edge / sober too. I was never into drugs/smoking/drinking even when I was younger, though people always assumed I was a pothead. No idea why. On the other hand, I never got into the straight edge music scene, either.

    These days, though, I have a medical condition which leaves me with a super strict diet. Most notably gluten, soy, caffeine & alcohol free.
  10. Kiana

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    I don't really call myself straight edge or sober but I guess I almost am? I'm a control freak. When I don't have absolute control over all my senses I get really anxious. Not just with drinking either. I don't like the dark since I can't see my surroundings, I don't like blasting my headphones and not being able to hear everything around me, etc. Like once a year someone will insist on buying me a drink and I'm like "I guess if you want to waste your money on me waiting until it's all watered down and then nursing the same one all night, ok..." but that's about it
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  11. disambigujason

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    I never started drinking because of a medical condition. As i got older, though, i realized i didn't need to be so stringent, but the appeal was just never there for me either. My rationale in high school was largely moral; i admittedly detested drinking. i still identify as edge today, but my reasoning has naturally changed. Nowadays its largely because I can't stand the taste, don't wanna spend the money, like to be in control - all that stuff.
  12. J.C.

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    this was always my primary anxiety, though i got better with it as i got older. when i was really young it was a fear of thunder, then it manifested itself as just a broad fear of the universe, like something potentially happening to the sun. basically anything that was out of human hands frightened me. by my teens the scope had narrowed a bit, i was more afraid of things like huge crowds in open space. never liked being in a sea of humanity, makes you feel v small and not in control. not for me.
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  13. mgiannotti

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    Yeah, it was never a thing I thought about as a kid, I just didn't drink or smoke. Then I started listening to a loooot of Rise Against and was like "Oh, straight edge, there's a word for what I do." All my friends currently drink a lot and are stoners, so I always carry around a lighter with me because they always lose theirs.
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  14. Dirty Sanchez

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    I'm straight edge.
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  15. murrich


    I drink and smoke occasionally so my friends call me Non Edge Alex
  16. DarkHotline

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