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The Story So Far – “If I Fall” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 26, 2019.

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  2. currytheword


    I think this album may be their best.
  3. justin.

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    I see Parker enjoys spending time in piss alley lol

    I never though I would see Ueno in a TSSF video and it’s pretty cool.
  4. bloodinthesand


    damn, this band is so good
  5. heavyd


    I enjoy this band. I enjoy this video. I understand people make mistakes. But, I really wish this guy would issue a sincere apology for kicking a young girl off of the stage. That still doesn't sit well with me.
  6. JamesMichael

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    As a guy who loves Japan and also The Story So Far’s latest album, this video rules hard!
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  7. SmithBerryCrunch

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    Awesome song and video. Never really listened to the lyrics that closely, but just reading through them and seeing the video hit hard. Glad to see it looks/sounds like Parker is doing better.
  8. currytheword


    She was 21 and tipsy onstage trying to take a Snapchat selfie. When she was interviewed regarding the situation, she stated Parker did not “dropkick” her like it was made out to be. She said he basically pushed her by her butt onto the crowd. She also stated she did not get any injuries, that it was in a fun and playful manner and that she has no hard feelings towards him or the band and hopes it doesn’t change anyone’s opinion of the band.

    Fan kicked off stage by the Story So Far singer speaks out - Alternative Press
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  9. macbethfan

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    Agreed 100% on that. I really think this band found their stride and sound with this album, and I love some of the clean guitar tones like the interlude on this song and "Line". I'm quite excited for whatever they do next and hope they continue to experiment with their sound.
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  10. seanxwilliams

    Synthetic apparitions of not being lonely

    Great video. This album slaps and I agree it's their best. Also, weirdly fitting video for me because I played the shit out of their self titled record when I travelled Japan in '15.
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  11. mattylikesfilms


    It’s honestly between this and WYDS for me but this is probably going to win. It’s just so good.
  12. CMilliken


    Definitely my favorite album of theirs. I'm constantly returning to this album.
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