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The Smiths Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Aaron Mook, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Aaron Mook Mar 7, 2016
    (Last edited: Mar 8, 2016)
    Taken from Wikipedia: The Smiths were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982. The band consisted of vocalist Morrissey, guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce. Critics have called them the most important alt-rock band to emerge from the British indie music scene of the 1980s.

    One of the most perfect discographies in the history of recorded music imho
  2. SpyKi

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    I was going to make this thread earlier. I should have done.
  3. fame

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  4. Anti-Counter-Culture


    I'd definitely put their discography up there with the best. I'm cliche, loving The Queen is Dead the most, but the rest are all pretty much tied for second.
  5. Jakobindeed

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    Queen Is Dead and Hatful of Hollow are tied for my favorite, but yeah they have a pretty much perfect discography. Cemetery Gates is a flawless song
  6. CoffeeEyes17

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  7. SpyKi

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    Selftitled >>>>>
  8. I like the few Smiths songs I've heard. I need to find a good "best of" playlist or something.
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  9. CoffeeEyes17

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    The Apple Music ones not too bad
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  10. I just barely got Spotify. It's going to be a few years before I jump on Apple Music, which will be after the next big platform comes out, haha. Relevant: I still have an iPhone 4.
  11. nl5011

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    how soon is now is so good.
  12. SpyKi

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    Either "The Queen is Dead" or their self titled both work fine as best of's honestly as they're both pretty perfect.
  13. thischarmingman

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    i belong here.


    has anyone ever listened to another sunny day? their song "you should all be murdered" is so smiths-esque
  14. I would HIGHLY recommend starting with Hatful of Hollow, which is essentially a collection of non-album single studio sessions that feature a lot of songs you might already recognize. If you enjoy what you hear, start with their self-titled album and go in chronological order :-)

    Strangeways is very much my favorite Smiths (studio) album, followed by TQID, S/T and finally MIM. Hatful is one of my favorite albums of all-time.
  15. SpyKi

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    I vote against Hatful of Hollow, haha.
  16. Jason Tolpin


    I have no idea what the best Smiths song/CD is. But I saw pictures of Morrissey recently.

    He did not age well. Kinda like Michael Stipe.... Of course it's like 30 years ago since i really listened to them.

    Good god. That makes me old. :/

    First songs I think of when I think of the Smiths, though: Panic, Girlfriend in a Coma, There is a light....
  17. SpyKi

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    Honestly never really cared for "Panic" much. "Asleeps", "I Know Its Over" and one of about 4/5 songs on the selftitled would make my top three.
  18. Jason Tolpin


    Yup. I had to wiki 'whats on the self titled'. Had no idea. I may have that one at home....

    Charming Man or What Difference.... yup. those are up there also.

    Story in the news that the Smiths made a Twitter account, and Morrissey said 'Use it under your own peril. he has NOTHING to do with it'.

    so there. :)
  19. Aj LaGambina

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    I just found the Live Version of "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others" that was released as a B-Side. Despite the rather daft lyrics, it's probably my favorite Smiths song, and the live version has an even better guitar tone than the studio version.
  20. SpyKi

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    I've never seen anyone with that as their favourite Smiths song, ha
  21. Aj LaGambina

    Hey man, we all can't be like you Supporter

    Instrumentally it's by far my favorite. Lyrically it leaves so much to be desired though.
  22. The track is meant to mimic the way he would overhear jocks speak about girls and their physical attributes, so in that sense, I don't have any problems with the lyrics. I do think it's a peculiar way to end that album in particular.
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  23. Aj LaGambina

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    But the GUITAR hahaha
  24. Aj LaGambina

    Hey man, we all can't be like you Supporter

    Hot Take: Johnny Marr's post-Smiths career is better than Morrissey's.
  25. SpyKi

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    Even with the meaning it's still a pretty basic and weak song lyrically from Morrissey, especially compared to what else he was writing in The Smiths. I still love the song but it's definitely one of my least favourites by them.