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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by ItsAndrew, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. chelsealouanne


    Here are two videos I captured from the Toronto show some may want to see!

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  2. musicfan10


    how were each band ?
  3. TMS2787


    AFI put on the best show ever, they should have been headlining. It was emptied out after they played! The transition from AFI to NGFB was great! So where they but not AFI. And TSP was also great but AFI shouldve been headlining. They shouldn’t open for anyone.
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  4. Phil507

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    Hell yeah! In fact, at this year's Super Bowl, they should just forego the game and have AFI play a 5 hour set of their entire catalog. They can set up in the middle of the field with the Despair Faction in the middle with the full stadium. Will attract the largest television audience of all time.
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  5. musicfan10


    Dude come on. Just wondering how the show genuinely was. Unable to go to this tour. I love all 3 bands and understand why afi is the opener. Can you please give a real review? Thanks
  6. TMS2787


    Phil, this sounds like the greatest idea anyone’s ever had and I fullyback it.

    Unless the Browns make the Super Bowl. LOL.
  7. heroinman


    Pumpkins were great. AFI was AFI i guess. Oasis bullshit was cringey as fuck.
  8. heroinman


    Billy threw a curveball and closed with:
  9. sam_might_say

    Hi, Friend

    I ended up having to miss the Irvine date and I’m so upset*. Glad to hear everyone else had a good time though! This was a solid lineup. I’ll catch them all another time I guess

    *Also KROQ never gave me my tickets I won, which also sucked