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The Singer-Songwriter/Folk Thread Genre • Page 2

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by zmtr, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Dave Diddy

    I'd burn in hell if you were burning too Supporter

    Thanks but I can't take credit for that. All I did was look at who Spotify said was a "related artist"
  2. jdr2187


    Julia Jacklin released a new song and video. Her album from last year was so good, but seemed to get very little attention around here.

    RIYL Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, Julien Baker

  3. Slangster

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    Thanks for posting this. Hadn't heard of him, now Halloween is probably my EP of the year thus far. Def a bunch of Ryan Adams vibes. Also get some Noah Gunderson vibes from the vocals at times, especially on "Poison".
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  4. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

    Yep, definitely hear some similarities with Gundersen in there too. Glad you're enjoying it!
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  5. mationation

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    henry jamison's newest single "the jacket" is sooo good. the rains was easily my favorite ep last year

  6. jdr2187 Jun 19, 2017
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    Any old fans of Page France or Cotton Jones should check out Michael Nau's new album that came out this past week. It's as good as anything he has ever done in my opinion, and stands right up there with his best work.

  7. jdr2187


    New James Elkington streaming on NPR. Been looking forward to this since it was first announced and it doesn't disappoint.

    RIYL: Nick Drake, Steve Gunn, Ryley Walker, Richard Thompson

    First Listen: James Elkington, 'Wintres Woma'
  8. zmtr


    Seeing Nick Drake as a first RIYL is the only thing that will make me stop listening to Isbell rn
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  9. zmtr


    I like this alot. I hear some Andrew Bird in there too
  10. jdr2187 Jun 22, 2017
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    Yeah I can def hear some Andrew Bird. The guitar playing is beautiful, but that was to be expected with this guys background. I'm excited to really dig in to the lyrics and see how I feel about the songwriting, but on first listen I liked what I heard.
  11. Craig Manning

    @FurtherFromSky Moderator

  12. dadbolt

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    The new Jeff Tweedy album is fantastic. Kind of a cop out since these are old songs but I think this is the best thing he's put out since Sky Blue Sky. These arrangements are gorgeous.
  13. wood&wire

    there's a thousand half-loves well worth leaving

    I listened to very little Page France, years ago, but really enjoyed this album. Super unique sounds, I'm definitely going to listen through this again!
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  14. jdr2187


    New Benjamin Clementine album coming Sept 15th. Have no clue on the RIYL on this guy. Spotify says Antony &a the Johnsons, Michael Kiwanuka, and Laura Mvula so let's go with that. New songs are pretty great though.

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  15. jdr2187


    I know this doesn't really fit the Folk thread title, but he's a singer songwriter and I'm not sure where else he would fit so close enough. Alex Cameron has a new album coming out Sept 8 called Forced Witness. His last album Jumping the Shark became one of my favorite albums from last year after catching him on tour with Angel Olsen. He puts on an extremely entertaining live show and if you ever get a chance to see him you should take it, but be warned that he is a pretty odd character.

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  16. wood&wire

    there's a thousand half-loves well worth leaving

    Chris Bathgate is a local-to-Michigan artist that put out one of my favorite albums this year. He's pretty special. This album, Dizzy, has a really unique sound in the way his layered electric guitars work with the fiddle/violin and drums. RIYL: Bon Iver's self-titled, Damien Jurado, Field Report.

    He also did a NPR Tiny desk years ago, it's pretty great:

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  17. zmtr


    Chris is a real cool dude and Northern Country Trail is one of my favorite songs of the year.

    "Salt Year" is like an all-time favorite for me.
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  18. Dave Diddy

    I'd burn in hell if you were burning too Supporter

    We got any The Damnwells fans in here? I like his solo stuff too

  19. cwhit

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    she was so good last night with mitski and half waif
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  20. jdr2187


    Anybody heard this guy Trevor Sensor? Apparently his new album just came out a couple weeks ago on Jagjaguar, but I've never head a thing about him. I kind of like what I've heard so far though the vocals take a little getting used to. Not sure exactly on RIYL, a lot of comments I see say Tallest Man On Earth but I'm not sure that's all that great of a comparison. I think what grabbed my attention was that he covered, one of my all time favorite songs, Pacing the Cage by Bruce Cockburn.

  21. Dave Diddy

    I'd burn in hell if you were burning too Supporter

    Yeah I like him, agree his vocals take a minute to get used to but I grew to like it. I didn't know his full length was out yet so thanks for the reminder.
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  22. zmtr


    Darlingside has turned into one of my most listened to bands. They are immensely talented. So incredibly in tune with each other. Hopefully some of y'all can get into them. They're like a more poppy Fleet Foxes.

    Smashing Pumpkins cover
  23. jdr2187 Jul 21, 2017
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    Won free tickets to see this guy live and went and checked him out last night and really enjoyed it. He's not an amazing musician and he isn't really anything super special songwriting wise, but something about his overall sound I just really like and keep coming back to. He was fun live and seemed like a pretty nice guy too.

    Also worth mentioning, he opened for this band I'd never heard of Called Mt. Joy that I'm guessing a lot of people around here would like. Apparently they only have like three songs but one of them blew up on YouTube or something from what I can gather. Anyways they seem to fall somewhere in the indie folk world similar to the Head and the Heart, The Lumineers, or maybe even Local Natives. Some of the lyrics are kind of silly but they were pretty entertaining. I'm guessing they will be huge in a year or two.

  24. jdr2187


    I know I already posted about this guy a few weeks ago in hear, but his new album is really shaping up nicely and I figured it was worth a second mention. He released a new song today today featuring Angel Olsen and it's great.

  25. Dave Diddy

    I'd burn in hell if you were burning too Supporter

    Anyone ever listened to Bjéar? I'm not really sure who to compare him to, the only artist I even recognize on his "related artists" on Spotify is Jake McMullen. Maybe fans of Bon Iver?