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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Serh, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Serh

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    Simply the greatest show ever
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  2. Jakobindeed

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    There somehow isn't enough talk about the best show ever around here

    If anyone who likes the show hasn't checked it out, Worst Episode Ever is an amazing podcast where they watch and rate bad episodes of the show Home
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  3. eversotru

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    Still a fun, great show after all these years! I live for marathons of the show

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  6. Jakobindeed

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    In honor of baseball
  7. justinbullock

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    I'm still loving the Simpsons World app.
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  9. eversotru

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  10. Richter915 Apr 5, 2016
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    ehhh I can't get into the podcast, mostly because I haven't seen much of anything after season 14. I know Dan and Ozzi from the brooklyn simpsons trivia, cool dudes.
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  12. Richter915

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    frinkiac might be the greatest website ever


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  13. kidwithhelmet

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    Just realized that the Simpsons World FX app includes all the commentaries now too. Huge.
  14. justinbullock

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    that site is awesome!
  15. crunchprank Prestigious

    frinkiac is the greatest website ever*

    FTFY ;-p
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    I do listen to the simpsons show podcast: Podcast

    I started listening to four finger discount as well, it's from australia but it tends to drag on a bit...the guys there go off on more tangents and have random episodes featuring like their wives and stuff: Security Check Required
  18. Richter915

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    If anyone watches the simpsons on seems that Monday evening is when they roll episodes from seasons 4-11, aka "classic simpsons". Last night they aired Homer's Enemy, quite possibly my favorite episode of all time.

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  23. troyplaysbass

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    So I've only seen the movie and maybe a dozen episodes of the show, all of which I really liked. What's the best way to go about really getting into this? Just start at the beginning?
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  24. JRGComedy

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    Nope. Start with season 3
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  26. eversotru

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  27. Richter915

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    Season 1 is pretty hit or miss. The only "must see" episodes are the bleeding gums one, bart the general, Life on the fast line (swartzwelder's first and al brooks is a freaking genius), simpsons roasting on an open fire, and Krusty goes to jail. There are a lot of misses in that season.

    I would consider season 2 a pretty mandatory really starts establishing a lot of the character subtext and relationships that carries throughout the show. It is something you could come back to at a later time. If you're looking for quality simpsons, season 3 is totally fine.

    Season 3 through 11 is all must watch, the order doesn't particularly matter since it's all amazing. If you're pressed for time I would go seasons 6-9. Apparently there's been an uptick in episode quality starting again in the 20s but I have no clue.

    If you (or a kind friend/relative) has cable/satellite, I would hop onto and start streaming.
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