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The Sidekicks - Happiness Hours (May 18, 2018) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by cwhit, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. cwhit Mar 27, 2018
    (Last edited: Mar 27, 2018)

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    1. Other People’s Pets
    2. Mix for Rainy Day
    3. Twin’s Twist
    4. Win Affection
    5. A Short Dance
    6. Don’t Feel Like Dancing
    7. Weed Tent
    8. Summer and the Magic Trick
    9. Serpent in a Sun Drought
    10. Elegy for Tim
    11. Medium in the Middle
    12. Happiness Hours
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  2. JaytotheGee

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    Fuck me up
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  3. Signifire

    Headphones blaring three stacks Prestigious

    Oh yes
  4. matthaber

    beautiful and chequered, the end

  5. MFA

    See you in hell, or see you when I see you. Prestigious

  6. username

    hey you lil piss baby

    Never connected with the last one but still here for them
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  7. omg!
  8. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    i love out of nowhere album announcements
  9. JaytotheGee

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  10. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    there are some tour dates up on facebook as well
  11. VanMastaIteHab

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  12. MFA

    See you in hell, or see you when I see you. Prestigious

    Gonna be honest wasn't too keen on this song at first but then the chorus kicked in and I just got the biggest smile on my face
  13. ghostedaway

    bryan Prestigious

  14. nice song, so breeeeezy. will be great in the springtime
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  15. alkalinexandy

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    I was beginning to doubt they'd ever be a proper touring/recording band again. This is fantastic news, and a pleasant surprise!
  16. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    Wasn't expecting this today, but I'm so glad it's announced
  17. JaytotheGee

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    They play this song much faster live but I'm digging it still
  18. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    fun song. v excited to hear this full thing
  19. JaytotheGee

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    In the tour zine from their 2016 tour with Jeff Rosenstock Steve wrote out the drink recipe for Twins Twist as well
  20. Aregala

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    oh fuckkkkkkkkk
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  21. primavera

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  22. OhTheWater

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  23. skoopy


    Song kinda reminded me of Band of Horses. I dig.
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  24. Matt

    Living with the land Supporter

    Oh my godddd
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  25. This is so good.