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The Shins Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by jordalsh, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Indie rock band from Albuquerque. It's been about four years since Port of Morrow, and instagram shows that they've been in the studio a bit recently.

  2. Ben

    Trusted Prestigious

    Reallyyyyy pumped to see what he puts out. I loved Port of Morrow.
  3. Meerkat

    human junk drawer Prestigious

    Chutes Too Narrow is one of my favorites. I was obsessed with "Young Pilgrim" was one of my favorite songs for a while
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  4. Wincing the Night Away is one of my all time favorites, I absolutely love all of them though. Broken Bells is alright but they've never hit me like anything the shins has done
  5. cshadows2887

    Hailey, It Happens @haileyithappens Supporter

    Writing your greatest song ("Simple Song") that far into your career is pretty awesome.
  6. I get flack from my friends because I think the last two records are their best, so this makes me happy. fights for my favorite as well--that song and record are just so bombastic and colorful, it's a blast
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  7. Sophos


    when the weather heats up and the sun is out consistently this band will not leave my car stereo for months
  8. Sophos


    the amount of songs on that record that are among their best is absolutely staggering
  9. Meerkat

    human junk drawer Prestigious

    Listened to "Australia" because it's been a while. Probably gonna listen to Wincing The Night Away tomorrow
  10. Sophos


    honestly....i think this is also one of their best songs
  11. Yeah I agree, I was kind of shocked to hear a song by them that reminds me of OIW at stage.

    Wonder what they'll do next
  12. *hyperventilating*

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  13. Meerkat

    human junk drawer Prestigious

    Would love a new record
  14. Ben

    Trusted Prestigious

    If that's the new album cover ahhhhhh hnnnggg
  15. GrantCloud

    Prestigious Prestigious

    i was doing some spring cleaning back home this weekend and found an old cd case with Wincing The Night Away, best find in foreverr

  16. X-(:teethsmile:
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  17. FrankOceansEleven

    bucks in 6

    Wow. He's always sounded a little like Lennon but this is a whole new level. Incredible clip.
  18. Ben

    Trusted Prestigious

    Please come out soon!
  19. their Facebook makes new music seem closer

    also kind of think the album is called Prescient Dreams but that doesn't really matter yet

    also there's a new red/black pressing of Wincing if anybody is looking for that
  20. Cody Prestigious

    Listened to Port in full for the first time today. Wow, wow, wow: what a record. May be my favorite of theirs.

    Also, this, I suppose:

  21. Cody Prestigious

    Seriously, the last four tracks on here are all truly incredible. Man. What an accomplishment this record is, I had no fucking idea.
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  22. Ben

    Trusted Prestigious

    For a second I thought you had the new record and I got really excited haha. Yeah Port of Morrow is so great and so underrated. I seriously love every track on it and I love when he really tries new things ("September", "Fall of '82"). Glad you liked it!
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  23. Cody Prestigious

    Have listened to nothing but this band for the past five days. I truly think they're becoming one of my favorites, I really love them.
  24. Cody Prestigious

    Yep, after a month or so of being obsessed with these guys, I refuse to hear an argument for any other album besides PoM being their best. Coherent, self-assured and beautiful from the first second until the last. Could not be more face-slappingly clear to me. Can't wait for LP5 even if "Dead Alive" is a relative dud.
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  25. WIncing will probably always be my favorite but i love pom so much.
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