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The Shins Announce ‘The Worm’s Heart’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 15, 2017.

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    The Shins have announced a “flipped” version of their latest album. The album will be called The Worm’s Heart and due out on January 19th. Basically the slow songs are now fast, the fast songs are now slow. You’ll find the press release below and can stream the new version of “Cherry Hearts.”

    The Shins will release _The Worm’s Heart_, a complete rework of their 2017 acclaimed album _Heartworms_, on Friday, January 19. The announcement was made today by James Mercer via Facebook Live, check it out here. The Worm’s Heart will be available for pre-order Friday, 12/15 and includes immediate downloads of “Name For You (Flipped)” and “Cherry Hearts (Flipped)” which were released earlier this year.
    When James Mercer wrote, produced, and recorded Heartworms, he had this desire for an alternate version, an opposite version. The album’s slow songs would be flipped and re-recorded as fast songs, and vice versa. The reasoning was to showcase the versatility and strength of his songwriting, the result is The Worm’s Heart.

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  2. smowashere

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    Cool idea. Reminds me of The Bravery's two versions The Sun and the Moon back in the day.
  3. Bayside 182

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    Definitely a cool idea.......I'll get around to checking this out once I figure out how to get those copeland albums to sync up perfectly
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  4. shawnhyphenray


    Cool idea but I don’t like the band unfortunately. This video is awesome though
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    Shouldn't it be this version?