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The Shallows (Official Thread) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Jacob Tender, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. A young woman (Blake Lively) clings to a buoy as a great white shark prevents her from returning safely to shore.

  2. I, for one, love shark movies. This looks great.
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  3. aoftbsten

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    The trailer didn't do much for me. Ike Blake Lively, but I'm not sure she can carry a movie like this by herself. I'm interested to see how they fill the movie out. The shark looked pretty good though.
  4. Eric Wilson

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    Excited to see this tomorrow. It's getting pretty good reviews.
  5. jkauf

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    This was super entertaining/tense, really dug how they shot a lot of it as well. Biggest complaint would be some of the super cheesy lines, but overall I was a fan. Way better than Independence Day.
  6. Eric Wilson

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    Definitely an intense movie for sure.
  7. brentkid


    I thought for sure this thing would get panned but it seems to be getting decent reviews. Wouldn't mind checking this out some time soon.
  8. a nice person

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    Want to see this, even more now that the reviews are pretty good
  9. Schooner


    On paper I would've said this would stink. Even though I love shark movies.
    After seeing the trailer I'm that keen. And now good reviews. Hectic!
  10. Enjoyed the hell out of this. Some great cinematography, and Blake Lively was solid. Also, this movie is groundbreaking for seagull actors.
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  11. Cameron

    FKA nowFace Prestigious

    Really liked it. Revived the genre after Jaws 4, and Deep Blue Sea left it in shambles. I'm not counting that trash Sharknado.
  12. a nice person

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this too. Fun summer movie
  13. stayillogical

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    Loved it. Perfect summer movie.