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The Set Listener Creates Playlists From Set Lists

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Craig Ismaili

    @tgscraig Prestigious

    Can't wait till Apple makes the Apple Music API available to do cool stuff like this with it.
  3. peoplearepoison

    It’s a perfect day for letting go... Supporter

    I do this for every show I go too
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  4. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    Cool idea
  5. Blake Solomon

    Mr. Emeritus Prestigious

    very good idea
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  6. kidinthebushes


    I have been using an app called Setlister for quite a while now. Same concept. Someone over at the old Absolutepunk recommended it to me.
  7. kamzarro


    That's my app!! I need to update it one of these days. Glad to hear you're still using it :) If there's anything you would like to see changed or added lmk.

    Shameless plug for anyone else~ Setlister - concert setlists - Android Apps on Google Play

    Also, for web, Setify is way better The Set Listener IMO. I honestly use it more than my own app :-)
  8. lawrhol


    Hey, that's MY app! Haha, thanks for mentioning Setify. Setlister looks cool, if I had an Android phone I'd use it for sure! Setify is lacking a bit on mobile...

    Have you seen the Spotify Developer Showcase? You might want to consider sending over your app. Setify's on there, but it's in the web app category so we wouldn't be competing or anything. Cheers again!
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  9. kamzarro


    Haha rad!! I didn't know about it, seems cool, thanks :)
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  10. And I've been doing this manually this entire time?!