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The Secret Cost of Pivoting to Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 28, 2017.

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    Heidi N. Moore, writing for Columbia Journalism Review:

    Publishers must acknowledge the pivot to video has failed, find out why, and set about to fix the reckless pivots so that publishers focus on good video. It should be original, clever, entertaining, and part of a balanced multimedia approach to digital journalism that includes well-written, well-reported stories, strong data and graphics, and good art.

    There are four reasons the pivot to video has failed: faulty metrics for measuring the audience; trusting other platforms, like Facebook, to do the hard work of distribution; low-quality video production and weak technological support for video content; and, ultimately, a failure to effectively turn video views into either higher readership or ad dollars.

    Nodding right along through this entire article.

  2. _unproductive


    motion design for a financial research/tech company, and from my experience people don't grasp the time/talent/money required to produce high quality video... they either won't spend to hire quality people, or they want it on way too short of a timetable to allow for a high production value
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    mmm yeah, preach on clients not wanting to pay big money on big production. always having to educate clients on the process of motion graphics.