The Righteous Gemstones (HBO) TV Show

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    New Danny McBride show coming this summer

    Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down, Vice Principals) is returning to HBO with his latest project, The Righteous Gemstones. The new comedy centers around a world-famous televangelist family with a long tradition of deviance, greed and charitable work — all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. McBride will star as main character Jesse Gemstone, who sees himself as a maverick in the ministry game, taking what his father, Eli Gemstone, has built and expanded it for a more modern audience. In addition to playing Jesse, McBride will also serve as a writer, director and executive producer on the series.
    Joining McBride in the cast is John Goodman (also seen on HBO in David Simon’s Treme) as Gemstone’s father Eli; Vice Principals’ alum Edi Patterson as Jesse’s sister Judy; Cassidy Freeman (Smallville) as Jesse’s wife Amber, a former journalist now devoted to the church; Tony Cavalero (School of Rock) as ex-Satanist Keefe Chambers, saved by Jesse’s younger brother Kelvin (Adam Devine from Pitch Perfect); Tim Baltz (Drunk History) as Judy’s fiance, BJ; and Greg Alan Williams as Martin Imari, a conservative Kenyan, and Eli’s right-hand man.
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  2. Anthony_

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    Trailer looks great, been waiting to see footage of this. Can't wait for the premiere.
  3. chewbacca110

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    I am so in.
  4. yung_ting


    That premise is amazing haha, should be great
  5. Dinosaurs Dish

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    I can't wait for this. I love Eastbound and Down and still need to finish Vice Principals.
  6. tdlyon

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    This looks like exactly what I wanted it to be
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  7. Kyle Max

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    August 18th
  8. tdlyon

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    Have they said if this is a short series like Vice Principals? I actually really enjoyed that format so I wouldn’t be mad, but I’d also love to get as much McBride as possible so I’m happy either way lol
  9. bodkins

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    Highly anticipating this one. Getting close.
  10. riotspray


    ONE WEEK!!
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  11. bodkins

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    So ready
  12. Ken

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    Hard to believe it's this weekend!
  13. Ken

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  14. phaynes12

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    can't fucking wait
  15. JRGComedy

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    Saw a screening of the 1st episode and thoroughly enjoyed it
  16. the rural juror

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    Fuck yeah
  17. tdlyon

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    I rewatched Eastbound & Down and am halfway through rewatching Vice Principals in preparation for this. Eastbound absolutely still holds up, I love that show so much
  18. riotspray


    Is this a half hour or a full hour?

    I assume half but am hoping for full.
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  19. Dirty Sanchez

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    Hour tonight at least.
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  20. bodkins

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  21. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    how is Danny McBride only 7 years older than Adam Devine
    "he does not like killing babies he likes little babies, he's an interesting ass white boy
    it's a statue of BJ I got it for cheap because his dick is weird"

    I really like Adam Devine in this and making it a Hillsong type church was a really good idea
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  22. GrantCloud


    Damn that was good as hell
  23. shea

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    This was fucking great as expected.
  24. GrantCloud


    I’m excited for Walton Goggins too
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  25. bodkins

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    This was fantastic. I died when he reversed the suv, chased down, and ran over the guy. So ridiculous haha
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