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The Rider (Chloé Zhao, 2018) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Tim, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Tim

    we must be nothing less than fabulous Prestigious probably my favorite movie of 2018 so far. So bummed I passed on seeing it in the theater & waited for Redbox.

    Surprised there wasn't a thread yet. I know I've seen it mentioned here and there. Who else has seen it?

    Gonna have to check out Songs My Brothers Taught Me. And, as a Marvel fan, super excited for her to direct The Eternals, though it'll be interesting to see how her filmmaking style works in that kinda context.

  2. riotspray

    Trusted Prestigious

    Did you see Lean on Pete?
  3. Tim

    we must be nothing less than fabulous Prestigious

  4. Tim

    we must be nothing less than fabulous Prestigious

    Something I really appreciated about this movie is the way it blended good filmmaking with an almost documentary approach. Like, it had a script & fictional elements like a dead mother. But, the lead actor really had that injury, the clip of the injury is that actual event, his sister is his real sister who's really autistic, his friend is his real injured friend & that's his real relationship w/ him, real horse training on camera, even him really getting a back tattoo...

    So beautiful, and so sincere.
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  5. riotspray

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    I loved it. I don't know how similar it is to The Rider but I (and probably others) kind of lumped the two movies togethet because they were released almost simultaneously and they're both about horses.
  6. jkauf

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    Why did I do this to myself tonight?
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  7. tumbleweedterror

    music is all we got

    Just won Best Picture at the Gotham Awards too!

    Y'all seen Songs My Brother Taught Me? I feel like it's slighty superior to The Rider but both films obviously rule, Chloe Zhao is insanely talented.
  8. AWasteOfATime


    is this on any streamers?
  9. thedrudo

    delta. Prestigious

    It's on Starz.