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The Republic of Wolves Talk New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Dec 29, 2016.

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    The Republic of Wolves recently spoke with Sputnikmusic:

    Those kinds of concepts have always been an integral part of our songwriting, since mythology, history, and religion are things that fascinate all of us on a personal level. I’ve personally spent years studying those sorts of topics, so they’re just the references I return to most. On a deeper level I think we all have a strong appreciation for lyrics that take a listener out of their present circumstances and paint a vivid picture of something foreign and mysterious, so that’s often what we’re trying to do. I think that helps to illustrate broader themes of alienation and confusion and fear, and creates this parallel artistic world where those types of feelings can be indulged and understood more fully. If we can create a colorful, distinctive, and memorable image for something that otherwise eludes definition, then that’s a cathartic process both for us as writers and (hopefully) for the listeners.

  2. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    I've been afraid for years now that they would disband, as they unfortunately haven't sustained much momentum, and that so often stalls bands. So it's great to see them continue making music - I've really loved all of their releases
  3. Sybil


    I've actually been continually impressed by how relevant this band has remained personally. And how many people in the "scene" know of them.
  4. AngryMan


    Northern Orthodox came out awhile ago, and I would have thought we'd have an album announcement by now. I wonder if them not having a label/funding is directly related to this album being delayed. They might be caught in a catch 22 - can't record because they don't have the funds/time, and can't get signed because they don't have a full album ready. Seems like the layoff after NMHN stalled their momentum.

    Anyways, these dudes are too good not to be signed. Someone go sign them, stat.
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  5. Leftandleaving

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    I adore this band
  6. I remember loving No Matter How Narrow upon release, need to revisit that album soon
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  7. Sybil


    Seriously insane how someone hasnt signed them imo. I have like...5 bands I'd sign immediately if I had a label, and they're 100 percent one of them.
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  8. AngryMan


    Same. I remember there was a rumor they had an offer from Equal Vision and maybe others, but they were all in school and not ready to commit.
  9. takingback1738


    band is a walmart brand new
  10. AngryMan


    Unfortunately, that seems to be the common misconception.
  11. takingback1738


    recomend any songs to change my mind?
  12. AngryMan


    Obviously, they wear their influences on their sleeves, and there is certainly a Brand New-esque quality to them. But their music holds it's own against any of the best bands around, especially lyrically. The imagery Mason can create and the stories he tells are fascinating.

    Assuming you've heard their first EP, I would recommend Vinedresser, Sea Smoke, Pioneers, The Dead Men Stood Together (Thirce-like), and Strays (purposely written in TBS's style). There's also a live performance of a song that will presumably be on their next album, Mitama, which is maybe my current favorite.

    I would venture to say that everyone who listens to them has their own set of favorite songs. They're all good. So maybe someone else can jump in and give some recs too.
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  13. Sybil


    I'd agree with you if their output wasnt so good though.

    They're the walmart Brand New, if you can get a 5-star steak from this particular hypothetical walmart.

    My point is, Varuna is almost as classic as an album to me as TDAG. Yes, you can tell their influences....but they transcend that imo.

    Recommended listens would be all of Varuna(it's one of those things you have to listen to the whole one thing imo). And the Cartographer EP shows a different side to the band....and is very good, plus short.

    I'd only check out NMHN if you've been won over by the previous recommendations.
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  14. KyleK

    Let's get these people moving faster! Supporter

    Don't get me wrong, they've stayed active and the music has been really consistent, so I didn't intend that as criticism. I really just meant I like others are surprised they haven't been signed (not that you necessarily need to), and they don't seem to do any big tours (maybe also their preference) - but I don't think it's unfair of me to say they haven't blown up like I might have expected or they deserve.