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The Republic of Wolves Launch Indiegogo Campaign

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. mattylikesfilms


    No vinyl eh? Bummer. I’ll probably donate $10 next paycheck.
  3. Bass0820


    Everyone, go donate to this. This band is great
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  4. Transient_Hymn

    Somebody Turn the Neon Down Supporter

    No vinyl here is killer.
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  5. Sybil


    haha! YESSS, fam! Let's go! I love how this just launched, there's 2 months left in the campaign, and they're already almost half way done.
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  6. Ska Senanake


    This band is so fucking good
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  7. Malatesta

    i may get better but we won't ever get well Prestigious

    there's not one yet but it looks like if you donate above $30 and then buy a vinyl separate if one gets pressed, you get a refund for the vinyl:

    *As of now we don't know if there will be a vinyl release for the album; if there is, then anyone who has donated $30 or more to this campaign and subsequently purchases a vinyl can submit their receipt to us via email and receive a full refund (in addition to whatever perks your donation gets you).

    i hope they post the artwork, i'll probably get the t-shirt tier if they go with a Ben Kehoe design like they have in most of their previous releases but i'd like to see it first.
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