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The Republic of Wolves – “Colored Out” (Video Premiere)

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 17, 2018.

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    The Republic of Wolves recently filmed a video for an acoustic/alternate version of “Colored Out.” Today, we’re happy to bring it to you. The song comes from the band’s recent album, Shrine, which recently made it onto our top albums of 2018 (so far) list.

    The band has been working on some new acoustic/alternative versions of other songs from the album that may see a release in the future, and, if you haven’t checked out their new album yet — you should.

  2. Anthony Sorendino


    Their new album is so crazy good.

    Loving this version; I look forward to the other alternative versions!
  3. Kmil


    This version is great, hope they release these soon.
  4. teebs41

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  5. esperotic


    Always trips me out how similar their voices sound.
  6. .K.

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    I hope they release these as a collection. Glad Shrine is getting sustained love.
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  7. thevastminority


    Amazing! Tbh, I'm gonna need a full album of versions like this.
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