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The Report of the Week/Deep Into Youtube Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Aaron Mook, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. So I thought about making this thread on AP but I wasn't sure if there would be a general interest or not, so I'll try making one here.

    I discovered ReviewBrah on r/DeepIntoYoutube (I know, it's Reddit, I'm a casual reader) and have since become obsessed with his strange ways. He's since blown up (recently on Tosh.0), but once upon a time, he was just a weird kid with a dad sense of humor reviewing fast food items and energy drinks in suits to big for him. And for some reason, I love that.

    Anyways, feel free to share your weirdest/dankest/favorite Youtube finds.

    Some ReviewBrah classics:

  2. stuckinvhs

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    R/deepintoyoutube has a lot of gems.
  3. Subbing for interest.
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  4. I'll post one a day to keep the thread afloat.

  5. Dominick

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    Homeboy is pretty creepy, so be forewarned. The "masculine" answer to online phenomena is fascinating to me:

  6. zmtr


    Fucking LOVE reviewbrah
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  7. I'm so glad we found each other
    lmao so much for this
  8. zmtr


    My boss has been gone on vacation for the week so much of my time spent at work has been on watching his videos.

    Just seems like such a pure human being. His channel is beyond comfy and I can literally watch him for hours.
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  9. Doomsday

    yeah, right Supporter

    Woah, a ROTW thread! Awesome. I've been watching his channel forever now, he's such a nice kid and I love his dry sense of humor and retro suits haha. Just seems like such a straight up guy. His podcast/show VORW is also super relaxing and I usually listen to it when I'm playing games or doing something tedious.
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  10. ReginaPhilange

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    Very weird bump to this post but,
    Dom where’s your ASMR channel that is just you wooing people to sleep with anti-capitalist rhetoric
  11. ReginaPhilange

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    I’d subscribe just sayin
  12. VORW is the best to fall asleep to, and I mean that sincerely

    Reviewbrah just seems like such a genuine human being
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  13. So what channels are everyone subscribed to? I'm always on the lookout for something recommendations. Here are mine:

    Vapor Memory (full vaporwave albums and live streams)
    Justin Payne (amateur pedophile hunter)
    ZEUS2117 (public freakout compilations)
    Chills (paranormal countdowns)
    BIGQUINT INDEED (hip-hop reaction videos)
    TheReportoftheWeek (enough said)
    First We Feast (gotta love Hot Ones)
    Polygon (Lots of great McElroy content here, Monster Factory, Touch the Skyrim, Car Boys, Let's Go to Hell)
    Screen Junkies (for the occasional Movie Fights! podcast)
    h3h3Productions/Ethan and Hila (severely hit or miss and I don't always agree with their POV but their role in and knowledge of YouTube politics fascinates me)