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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Dirty Sanchez, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. waking season

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    One of these two isn’t supposed to be on the furniture
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  2. alina

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    Baby Luna
  3. Fletchaaa

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    Chester feeling the Bern

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  4. jkauf

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  5. waking season

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    Came up in my memories, 5 years ago today. I love this little shit.
  6. Cameron

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    92259B0B-B0C9-4C15-9E1C-13613CA4C8D8.jpeg 0EDE1BD9-4222-4138-936D-2DBCE0ABE27F.jpeg
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  7. waking season

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    I love this dog more than anything
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  8. Shrek

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    i would take a full clip of bullets for this gentleman

    IMG_20200315_125011_617.jpg IMG_20200315_125011_621.jpg
  9. he is serving in that second picture
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  10. Shrek

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    he was trying to clean his belly but i kept tapping him so he would look up at me for pictures and the final face is "this is your last shot motherfucker"
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  11. bigmike

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    In that second picture he looks ready to give you a full clip of bullets, @Shrek, lol
  12. xapplexpiex

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    A87C7942-CFCC-4875-92F9-7E4981BF71FA.jpeg B6AF6925-D03C-44DD-ADD8-6914646BE4F1.jpeg
  13. waking season

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    It’s been a good day
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  14. ncarrab


    My dog won't let me give him his eye drops :(

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