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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Dirty Sanchez, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. BlueEyesBrewing

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    Man I love this dog
  2. sophos34

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  3. marsupial jones

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  4. ncarrab


    Anyone else’s dog sleep like this consistently?
  5. marsupial jones

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    My dogs used to but as they get older they can only lay like this for about 20 seconds before hacking up what sounds like a hair ball
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  6. Brent

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    I probably have 200 photos like my pug sleeping like this. My favorite is when I wake up to him sleeping on the pillow next to me like a human. So weird.
  7. ncarrab


    He’s 6 and has always slept like this. It still cracks me up every day though. He also snores like an old man.

    When he sleeps in our bed he sleeps under the covers and all the way at the bottom of the bed. He won’t go to sleep until we let him under the covers. He’ll sit at my pillow and stare at me until I lift them.
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  8. Brent

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    lol that's how mine starts out too.. super weird. Hangs out by the pillows then forces me or my wife to lift the sheets and then goes down to be our foot warmers. Wake up in the morning and he's in our faces again.
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  9. ncarrab


    Pugs are the absolute best. My wife doesn't like him sleeping with us because of how loud he is and how much room he surprisingly takes up under the sheets. I want him to start sleeping in my son's bed because my son is like ecstatic by the thought of it...but I know my dog will just eventually leave his bed and come to ours at some point in the night.
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  10. Brent

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    We have a suprisingly normal pug from what everyone says.... skinny, doesn't snore, doesn't make the typical pug noises while breathing... hated him at first because I just didn't want one but he definitely grew on me. We've tried having him sleep with our oldest daughter but he always jumps off and comes to our room. At least he's loyal lol
  11. Ben

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    Winston killed a rodent the other day.

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  12. ncarrab


    Yeah, most pugs get really fat. I had one when I was a kid and he really blew up. Same with my sister's now.

    My pug was uncharacteristically skinny until he was about 2 1/2 and then once my kids started eating table food/ did he :-/. My kids think it's hilarious to feed him and he just follows them around when they have food.
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  13. aoftbsten

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    Meet Kylo. Perfect in every way.

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    my friends adopted this sweet girl today!!!
  15. alina

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    I opened up my cat camera this morning and saw this xD I love my Luna.
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  16. xapplexpiex

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    Veronica turned four on Saturday. 98207C6A-E8C0-4D88-B65A-080F30D08238.jpeg
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  17. Joe4th

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    Zo always hangs out close when she knows I’m feeling down
  18. midnightxtaylor

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    I'm at work and saw that I received an email from my mom with my horse's name as the subject line and then get a text saying don't open it at work. Fuckkkk. My horse is 25 years old and had a nearly fatal wound recently, so I'm guessing I know where this is going, but now I'm literally fighting to not throw up at my desk.
  19. personalmaps

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    New phone who dis 9833132C-B5F9-44E9-914D-C1446164F2EF.jpeg
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  20. marsupial jones

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    We found out today that this well dressed good boy is very sick and only has about 3-4 weeks to live :verysad:

    he was my first pup, almost 14 years old. Realized while driving home that I’ve had him damn near close to half my life. Gonna miss the shit out of him. Lots of steak dinners for my baby boy the next few weeks :tear:
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  22. marsupial jones

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    thank you.

    looking at pictures of him while sitting in silence eating raw cookie dough crying because I felt it was the best way to deal with my feelings lol
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  23. AbbieTheCurious


    I'm using the work computer so cant upload a picture but I have two kitties.
    The oldest is named Felix he's my fat boy hehe
    The youngest is Lil Mew she's a spoiled little princess lmao
    They is my babies I loves them to death.
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  24. Randall Mentzos

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    This thread made me so sad I still don’t have a pet.

    I am so loving to all my friends pets I need to goddamn get one.

    I want both a cat and a dog the more I think about it.
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  25. AbbieTheCurious


    You should definitely get a pet mine have been there to help me through some really hard times... I don't know what I would do without them..
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