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  1. marsupial jones

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    "I was not to cling thorns to his tail" is the B-side album to "Pull the Thorns from Your Heart" by Senses Fail
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    *sounds of mad laughing*
    Yeah, we had to make an album, not fight. D'you know artists who sang with geese? We could be popular, eh...
  3. EarthShifts Jan 28, 2019
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    My wife and I had to put down one of our cats tonight. We’re heartbroken. He was a great cat and will be missed.

    Here is a photo of him recently standing on my chest begging for food.

  4. marsupial jones

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  5. EarthShifts


    Thank you. It’s been rough and hit me a lot harder than I expected. He’s been sick for a while and it got real bad recently. It sadly was time.

    It felt weird this morning to wake up and not have him following me around.
  6. marsupial jones

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    when i was little we had a cat that slept on the stairs all the time and usually i would turn on the light to check if he was there before going down them and ONE TIME i didn't and i stepped on him. just barely, because as soon as i made contact he screeched and ran away. but then, some amount of time later that to me feels like the next few days, he got sick out of nowhere and we had to put him down and i am forever haunted that when i stepped on him i injured him internally which made him sick / have to be put down. all because one fucking time i didn't turn on the light and check.

    no idea if it was actually me or just odd timing. hell, i don't even know how much time passed between me kind of stepping on him and then him being put down but i randomly think of that incident and it deflates my whole day. :brokenheart:
  7. GrantCloud


    Ugh so I tried to cut this mat under my boys armpit tonight, and I accidentally cut his skin. It is a pretty minor cut but I’m at the ER vet currently. They gotta put him out and then give him stitches.

    600 dollars for a minor cut, man. But it’s worth it so it won’t get infected.
  8. Ken

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    She wasn't my dog, but she was one of the best dogs. She was an inspiration for my Dad when he had his heart attack and for so many other people. Today sucks. I wish I had gotten to meet her like my parents had.
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  9. Ken Feb 20, 2019 at 7:35 AM
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    I don't know how my friend got this picture haha
  10. Jake W

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    Sink cat
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