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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Fucking Dustin, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. ncarrab


    How the hell did everyone get their kids to stop peeing the bed???

    My son has been potty trained for two years now but goes through spurts where he pees the bed every night for like a week straight. It gets exhausting having to run his sheets through the washer/dryer every single day but I refuse to go back to pull-ups.
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  2. popdisaster00

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    Honestly my son just turned 5 and he still wears pull-ups to bed, we really need to change that ASAP. But our pediatrician said to stop giving any drinks to them after dinner and always have them pee right before going to bed.
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  3. ncarrab


    Yeah, over the past year, we've been going back and forth between pull-ups and his underwear (he'll be 5 in September). Months ago, while he was at the pediatrician for something else, my wife brought it up and the pediatrician said some kids just take longer than others and it's fine to keep going with the pull-ups. About a month ago, we stopped using the pull-ups again because he was waking up dry for a few weeks straight, so we switched him back to underwear and he was doing really well for a few weeks and then this past week he's wet the bed every single night.

    There's no rhyme or reason...we do the same thing every night (no drinks before bed, he goes pee before bed). I feel bad too, because I think he feels guilty when he wakes up and it'd kind of sad because it's obviously something he cannot really control.
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  4. Taketimeandfind


    My son just turned 5 Tuesday. Still in pull ups over night. Our goal was to get him out of them over the summer but we have been kind of lazy.
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  5. colorlesscliche

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    Have your kids had that issue all along, or when they get older it happens more? My 3.5 year old just sleeps in his little boxer briefs and has an accident maybe once a month, if that. Is this something that I have to look forward to as he gets older?
  6. ncarrab


    I would say if your son is consistently dry I don't think he'd all of a sudden start having issues. My son has always been inconsistent. More times than not he wet the bed in pull-ups. But there were a few times where he'd go dry for a while so we'd switch to underwear, but then he'd go back to wetting the bed often so it's been a constant cycle for like, the last year.

    He just recently started peeing the bed coincidentally the same night his big moonlight (his nightlight - but it's nailed to the wall) went out and I'm convinced it triggered some sort of anxiety for him because he was freaking out the first few nights about it being out (it's a pain to replace) but we ended up replacing it the other night and he's still peeing. It probably has zero correlation, but just thought it was odd that that was when it started again (and he definitely was anxious about it)
  7. spiffa0

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    Semi-related, but my son (1 year old) would wake up in the middle of the night crying because his diaper was exploding from him peeing so much. When we stopped giving him anything to drink after dinner, that's when he started sleeping through the night finally. Such a simple change that took us much longer than it should have.
  8. Kingjohn_654

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    Dude. Same.
    We told my son we'll by him a new game for his Switch if he can go a week without wetting the bed. I can't believe it didn't work. I don't want to start buying him pull ups again, but I sure hate cleaning the sheets every day.
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  9. Brent

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    Kidz Bop is some hilarious music to have on the HomePod... so strange hearing PostMalone playing and our 6 year old jamming to it.
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  10. Kingjohn_654

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    My son asked me how the baby is going to come out of his mom's tummy. I told him she will come out through the vagina and he laughed for twenty minutes.

    He turns five tomorrow :)
  11. Colby Searcy

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    Are y'all pregnant again currently?
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  12. Kingjohn_654

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    Yes. Baby 4 is due at the end of next month.

    I finally scheduled a vasectomy consultation for next week. I figured it was time to "get the ball rolling" so to speak
  13. Colby Searcy

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    For some reason I thought y'all miscarried or something. Ah so y'all are due right before us.

    Also RIP your balls
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  14. Kingjohn_654

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    We did miscarry and got pregnant a month or two later.

    I'm virile baby!
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  15. Colby Searcy

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    Gotcha well congrats! Sorry I don't keep tabs on your sex life
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  16. Kingjohn_654

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    Thanks and that's probably for the best
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  17. ncarrab


    May have had our scariest moment as parents yet.

    My wife and I took our kids to Oglebay, West Virginia for a large family trip Friday-Monday. On the drive home, my 23-month-old daughter was getting very antsy and whiny. We just chalked it up to her not wanting to be in the car for 3 hours. When we got home, she started pointing to her stomach and saying 'hurts' and again, we just thought maybe she was having a stomach issue. After a few hours or repeated meltdowns and continuing to point at her stomach, my wife took her to the ER. My wife thought maybe she ate something off the hotel floor (there were weird loose metal balls on our floor, like the backs or earrings for whatever reason).

    They did an X-Ray there and couldn't find anything, but then they did an ultrasound and they found Intussusception and basically said we had to rush her to the Cleveland Clinic main campus downtown because they had pediatric surgeons who could treat her more properly. So at about 11 p.m. on Monday, I had to wake my son up at home, take him to my parents and then meet my wife and daughter at the Cleveland Clinic and they had to do further tests and then at 3 a.m. they performed a procedure where they had to put a tube up her butt (while she was fully awake) and blow air up there for a few minutes in order to pop her intestines back into place. Thank God that worked, because if it hadn't they would have had to do surgery. We ended up staying in the hospital until 4 p.m. yesterday so they can continue monitoring her. She seems to be doing well now, but they said because they put so much air into her stomach, she will still probably have some discomfort for a few days.

    Very scary stuff.
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  18. Colby Searcy

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    Glad everything is okay! Did they say what can cause that?
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  19. ncarrab


    There's no real known cause or way to pinpoint it. They think it was likely a viral infection that triggered it somehow. They ruled out bacterial infection because she didn't have any vomiting or blood.

    She went to a follow-up appointment today with her pediatrician and she thinks it may have been more likely to have been constipation that caused it.
  20. bachna84

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    man, that’s really scary. i’m glad everything is ok now
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  21. bachna84

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  22. Cameron

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    94400A97-4F75-4D6D-AECF-971DBC0464A5.jpeg First family vacation
  23. Brent

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    Famaily friend of ours went to start the process of getting a vasectomy... for some reason they had his wife take a pregnancy test first, and... surprise, 4 weeks along. They already have three kids, and the youngest is barely a year old. Fun times.

    Anyways, sunflower season is here... funny watching our youngest trying to walk in grass.

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  24. Colby Searcy

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    Those chunky thighs! Love love love it!
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  25. LessThanTrevor

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    So glad I find this thread. I actually have a few questions for everyone.

    My son is a year and a half and refuses to go to sleep even though he's overly tired. I work usually until about midnight most nights and I told my lady to get him on a sleep schedule. I honestly don't think she's even tried. She just dumps him on me and she goes to bed. I started putting my foot down and told her that she needs to get him to bed and that she can't do that to me anymore. I just need suggestions to give to her to get him to sleep on time.

    Also creative parents, when do you find time to work on your craft? My time has always been at night and while my lady works during the day I take care of my son. When she gets home I go to work, so I usually count on the evenings to go into my studio and create. Obviously with little dude not wanting to sleep it's hard for me to do it without getting my lady heated and having her scream at me and make remarks that aren't nice at all about what I create.

    On to another question that's not so much about parenting but more so about my relationship. When my lady got pregnant her sex drive went out the window. It hasn't come back and I've mentioned she may need to go to the doctor. She's stubborn and won't go. Also ever since she got pregnant she's been treating me horribly. Literally looks at me like she just despises me. She accuses me of cheating, though I would never. I haven't even given her a reason to. Like I said before I work until about midnight, but sometimes longer. I keep all of my clock out tickets and everything. Recently I realized she stop saying "love you too" whenever I say it to her. She's in her phone all of the time as well, but if I'm ever on mine she immediately makes a remark of "always on your phone, who are you talking to?" I just show her what I'm looking at. I think we need counseling and have mentioned it but she won't go. I even told her if she's this unhappy with me that it's okay for us to split and I offered to buy her out of the house and we can just coparent. Turns out she's more shocked that I have money to buy her out. I honestly just don't know what to do anymore, and I refuse to being my son up in a household where the parents are always fighting. I don't yell though and I haven't yelled at anyone in 6 years, and I'm not going to break that. Whenever she screams at me. I'm front of my son I just pick him up and bring him outside with me and we go to the park to give her time to cool off. I tell her when she wants to talk I'll be ready to talk, but I'm not going to get in a shouting match. We used to be two peas in a pod until she got pregnant. Any advice?

    That last part might be for a different thread, but I'll just seeing if anyone has dealt with this before.