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The Panama Papers World • Page 2

Discussion in 'Politics Forum' started by ForestOfAllusion, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. mena

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    Tbh, probably some fall guy or a few people below the big names. Higher chance of me winning the lotto than any heads of states/C-suite people getting prosecuted.
  2. DarkHotline

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    Sadly, you're more than likely right.
  3. Mr Snrub

    Yes, that'll do..

    Sadly not very surprising. I'll be interested to see how much is released regarding Western leaders.
  4. KBradley

    the earth is not a cold dead place.

    Definitely subbing. Going to be fascinating to follow.
  5. MexicanGuitars

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  6. ForestOfAllusion

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    Apparently some more about to hit the fan in a few minutes, Vox has a great updating site with tl;dr summaries of each piece if you don't wish to read from the site.
  7. ForestOfAllusion

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    And here it is:

    How Family that Runs Azerbaijan Built an Empire of Hidden Wealth
    Documents peel away three layers of secret ownership in a conglomerate and lead to gold mines and overseas real estate
    • President Aliyev’s family named in a proposal to reap benefits from a complex offshore structure to hold interests in a major conglomerate
    • Children and sister of Azerbaijan’s President revealed in connection with previously unknown offshore companies
    • New revelations that President Aliyev’s children controlled a majority interest in a controversial gold mine project
  8. bradpetrik

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    I would normally be eating this up but I'm so jaded about this happening that I hardly care. Someone tell me when it's a presidential candidate or former president and/or current politician.
  9. MrRobot

    Twitter/IG: @scott325

    This is fascinating and important info, but I'd be surprised if anything substantial comes of it in the way of consequences.
  10. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    Bernie warned us about Panama being a tax haven years ago
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  11. ForestOfAllusion

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    Interesting if this will be brought up at the NYC debate, think he may be able to catch her as she tries to distance herself from this. Right now, even with the new facts that have been dropped today, the United States' role seems wouldn't surprise me in the least if this connects to someone high up. The Clintons seem too connected to not at least at an arms distance have some linking point.

    Just from a news search, I can place Bill Clinton in Panama back in November 11, 2015.
  12. windowbirds

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    wasn't there a link between Panama and Clinton back in the 90s too?
  13. TheZeroKid

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    I'm very interested in what comes out of this. I hope all these people get what they deserve. I also hope that when the parts of it involving the United States come out that they spur something significant here. Something this massive shouldn't just be buried, it should be built upon.
  14. mexicanwarstreets


    Following...... I bet most of the current candidates are involved.
  15. JohnR831


    Just saying...
  16. bradpetrik

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    This law firm didn't service many Americans so don't expect it.
  17. Ferrari333SP

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    First casualty of these papers; Iceland PM has now resigned
  18. demandtheimpossible

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    Shit, I guess those protests had some teeth to them.

    The Panama Papers are important not necessarily because of their immediate impact, but rather as evidence of how globalization functions in actuality. This shows the evolution of capitalism and specifically how massive amounts of wealth are withheld from the economy.
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  19. ForestOfAllusion

    Old Aesthetic Prestigious

    He needs to make this the forefront at his NYC debate.
  20. Charlie Joseph

    Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man... Prestigious

    British PM saying it has nothing to do with him when his family wealth comes from this whole issue. I think he's afraid. Unfortunately, the UK is not like Iceland when it comes to political pressure from the people.
  21. bradpetrik

    Trusted Prestigious

    I think the Iceland PM's scenario was particularly special compared to Cameron.
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  22. ugman_2000

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    I agree it's different to the Iceland PM's situation in that he was named specifically. It's still pretty shady for our PM though and I think it's in the public interest for more transparency.

    Cameron's been very careful so far with how he's worded his answers when it comes to this. He's pretty much said that his immediate family are not currently named on offshore accounts and that they won't benefit in the future. What he's missed out from all statements so far is whether they've been previously named on them or benefited in the past. If his father was hiding money in offshore accounts for years and he had his privileged upbringing during this time (which most likely is true) and if he knew about this (which I can't see how he wouldn't after his fathers passing) then at the very least he's been very hypocritical when it comes to high profile tax dodging in the past. More than likely though he's probably benefited from this financially in the past but it's been hidden well through other companies (not directly in his name) or he will benifit when his mother passes.
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  23. ugman_2000

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    There we go, Cameron admits he did own shares and made a profit off them.

    Only took 2 days and a number of press releases befOre he realised he could wriggle out of this.

  24. bradpetrik

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    And yet he won't face any negative reaction to this.
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