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    Yes and no haha. So, we're an ethnoreligious minority, indigenous to the Middle East, mainly from what is now known as the countries of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

    People from Syria are called Syrians, and there are Syrian-Assyrians. My family are Iraqi tho.

    Assyrian people - Wikipedia

    Hope that helps :-)
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    "On January 23, Tunisia celebrated the 172nd anniversary of the abolition of slavery, reminding many people that it was the first Arab society to do so. The country is making history again with a draft law that, if passed, would criminalize racial prejudice, the first law of its kind in North Africa.

    The work behind Tunisia’s pioneering law against racial discrimination began after the uprising in 2010–2011, which inspired black Tunisians, sub-Saharan African migrants, and their allies in civil society to push for legislation to end almost two centuries of de facto social and economic racial discrimination."

    Termination With Prejudice - Carnegie Middle East Center - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
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    "Racism is fatal in Egypt. In December 2005, Egyptian riot police killed at least 23 unarmed Sudanese refugees, including small children, who had occupied a public park in front of a United Nations office for three months.

    Last year, prominent Nubian activist Gamal Sorour died in detention. Sorour was among 25 Nubians arrested for staging a peaceful protest “demanding the return of Nubians to their ancestral lands, from which they were evicted in the 1960s to make way for the lake behind the High Dam on the Nile,” as the Associated Press reported."

    Opinion | ‘Black Panther’ and the anti-black racism of Egyptians
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    So I just learned about Claudette Colvin today (thanks to Reddit). Why isn't she taught about in school? It makes sense that the black leaders of Montgomery didn't want to have her be a civil rights leader because she was pregnant and that she could easily be discredited but it's still pretty messed up that (according to Margot Alder) the civil rights leaders decided to get Rosa Parks due to her hair and lighter skin and only use Colvin as inspiration for Park's demonstration.
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    My friend is watching Cheers and there's not 1 single black character in Boston

    Boston truly is rcaost
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    At the 58 second mark, there’s clearly a black patron behind Woody.
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  11. Ended up on a white supremacist forum by accident today. Turns out they're active in my hometown. Don't feel safe nearly anywhere anymore. I don't deserve to feel like this.
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    They’re creeping everywhere.
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    I'm so much cooler online.

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    Love that dog. He's a goodboy.
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    Happened in my hometown