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  1. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    He wants to live in a country where blacks are controlled.
  2. Larry David

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    That asshole doesn't know what "proud of the South" means either.
  3. ellie117

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    My neighbor here in NJ has a confederate flag in their backyard, but it has a skull and crossbones in the middle of it. It's also hanging on a tall flagpole, in a clearing in the tall bushes behind a shed in their side yard. I see it every time I walk my dog and seriously think some sort of racist rituals go on back there. They're also Patriot fans and have a bumper sticker of the state of NJ filled in with the American flag...
  4. skogsraet

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    Okay since it's a tall flag pole this one was kind of tough but I got something for you:

    Wait till 2am. Fill a water gun with lighter fluid. Spray flag and attached string. Light a match and run.
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  5. Kiana

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    My brother in law has been saying dumb stuff. Its not surprising by any means, but it's disappointing to care about someone who is so like arrogantly ignorant. He was boasting reading some response he gave to a black friend on fb and he sounded so dumb bringing up white slavery and totally undermining his friends feelings because Its Not That Bad Anymore. U could tell he thought he was really saying something intelligent. I finally couldn't hold in my laughter of disbelief when he said racism and sexism didn't happen anymore so then we got into it a bit. It was frustrating because he didn't disagree with me but he also still stood by what he said? Like wut. I went thru all his points I disagreed with like how I know racism and sexism does still exist and he says "I know it does" and I'm like well k u said it didnt. Like u literally just said those words. So he'd be like yeah what you're saying is true BUT...

    Somehow that was more irritating than him flat out disagreeing with me. If what I'm saying is true there is no but. He just sounded so dumb I couldn't believe they were actual words he was saying.
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  7. aranea

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    What do you and @St. Nate think about this? Have you come across a lot of people who, while maybe didn't do what she did, holds similar sentiments (appeasing to white supremacy etc)?

    A lot of the comments are full of hatred, no sympathy/empathy, etc etc. One of the comments is saying that this is a troll and isn't real.

    I also noticed that this is a year old - how did you come across it today?
  8. St. Nate

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    I have no reason to doubt that this didn't happen or that this isn't real. The racist foundation of our society is all laid out for such a story to exist. Though not always to the extreme of this story it is not uncommon for Asian or any POC to hold such sentiments such as anti-blackness or even xenophobia. After all we are told to "assimilate" to this society, a racist white supremacist society. Assimilation to such a society means acceptance under the condition that we can never be seen as equal and thus inferior. I too unknowingly sought proximity to whiteness when I was younger and wanted to differentiate my self from "other Asians" or the "Fobby Asians." Though my experience is nowhere hers in terms of extremes, both stem from the same attitude and the desire to be accepted even undercondition, even if it was on terms unfair to us, even if it meant self hatred.

    Nothing about this seems trollish to me. She doesn't seem to be neglecting responsibility for her actions or blaming it on society as some of the comments are saying. Also, those comments seem to be written by Asian men and we have our own issues with how we treat Asian women, Asian women dating not just white men but men of any other race, our own toxic masculinity, and also our own complicity in a white supremacy. Because of this there are many Asian spaces online I like to avoid like any and all Asian subreddits. Their hatred seems to be very misplaced. You can see it in how they are bashing someone who is a victim of abuse and acknowledges her shitty choices, while not bashing or even acknowledging the pervasive racial issues that the writer addresses and seems to have a firm grasp on. I have empathy for her the same way I have empathy for any other woman who has been abused by men.
  9. You said all I was gonna say and more, and better.
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  10. Malatesta

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    yeah to add on to that, the positioning of Asians and Asian Americans as the "model minority" naturally promotes the desirability of validating a racial hierarchy while limiting meaningful power and reinforcing the idea that whiteness is the ideal status to pursue
  11. aranea

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    @St. Nate totally agree. i know this all too well with a lot of people in my own community. but i have a hard time being nice about it. have you argued/debated/discussed this with people like that at all? i don't know how to get people to realize what they're doing. esp when it's like, in your own family/relatives/other people you're close with.
  12. Richter915

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    A lot of what Nate said holds true for the brown people and Muslim communities.
  14. aranea

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    Way too many POC who have said that to other POC as well lol. Just look on YouTube and Twitter.
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  15. aranea

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  16. Richter915

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    Eh there's layers to it. For example, there are plenty of second geners who "lose" culture because they had poor examples of it growing up. Speaking anecdotally, I saw alot of bad things growing up which led me to abandoning my parents culture...they didn't show me something I would like to have. What's sad is that the situations leading to me breaking away had more to do with us growing up as poor immigrants than anything intrinsic to the culture. I have tons of friends who are proud of their roots...they also grew up in the rich part of town.

    If we have kids, i guess I'll expose them to some native culture but I mostly want them to be American...without being shitty.

    Sorry for the rant.
  17. Airbnb host must pay $5,000 for canceling reservation based on race

    "Under an agreement reached after an investigation by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Barker agreed to pay Suh $5,000 in damages, issue her an apology and attend a college-level course on Asian American studies, among other penalties."


    Ethnic Studies should be mandatory (says the dude with the AAS degree), but that's for another discussion.
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  18. BirdPerson

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    White dude needs help making sure my company (really, the marketing department) isn't being stupid super racist:

    We have these field service techs who work on our the field...and we are trying to change the story from one where instead of being a white knight coming in to fix a broken machine, our techs are "'we caught that early' ninjas"

    This ninja concept is setting off a ton of red flags in my brain. I would really reeeeeeallllly appreciate any insight any of you have on this one.
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  19. St. Nate

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    I honestly don't understand what you're talking about.
  20. BirdPerson

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    which part?
  21. aranea

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    Are there images and illustrations? The concept here of being a ninja is to mean you're fast, yeah? So, I want to know how they're actually going to portray that beyond the initial concept.
  22. St. Nate

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    Like... ninjas aren't known for catching things early?
  23. incognitojones Supporter

    Yeah before we even get to that being problematic it doesn't make any sense and sounds bad/confusing