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    Sort of going viral right now is a uni student at Warwick university is subject to racial slurs on her bananas at her student accommodation: Tweet.
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    Bomani Jones is hosting Mike and Mike this morning, and is wearing a t-shirt that is a mock up of the Cleveland Indians logo but Chief Wahoo is white and the team name says "Caucasians". Heh.
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    Love Mike and Mike.

    I hope white people watching get irrationally angry and cry.
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    no POC shouldn't do things like this or else it'll encourage more white people to support trump. POC should just sit back and take it until white people give us permission to speak up.
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    Hope they have a Washington version with a more insulting name for white people
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    Watch and learn

    "What The Eighteenth Century Teaches Us"

    Hortense Spillers is the Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor in English (Vanderbilt U). “Shades of Intimacy: What the Eighteenth Century Teaches Us,” served as the keynote lecture for “The _Flesh_ of the Matter: A Hortense Spillers Symposium,” at Cornell University, March 18, 2016.
  10. Trotsky


    Charles Barkley on intersectionality:

    I fucking love Chuck. I really hope he actually makes his congressional bid that he contemplated a few years ago. As a black Alabaman and as a guy who has earned his stripes throughout the years with his blunt earnestness, he could really be a treasure for that region, I think.
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    Which in turn is offensive because Caucasians are from the Caucasus and some of them are brown. Some white British dude saw a perfect skull up in the mountains and thought "heck no, it can't come from these guys. It must be from a white person!"
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    Turn of the century anthropology basically gave rise to eugenics.
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    Anyone here find it obnoxious when there's some 20-something white person who posts a video on fb of a black person and says shit like "I just found my new best friend". Man you are white as fuck and from Connecticut, shut up.

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    r/blackpeopletwitter is this in summary
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    Been following Love Life of an Asian Guy lately. Nice mix of humor and serious race discussion, more tailored to asian minorities. This story was one that hit me since it was an issue I struggled with for a while (TW: violence):

    There's a reason why Asian men in television and film are portrayed as sexually awkward and emasculate... and it has a lot to do with this picture.

    In the early 1900's, a massive wave of Filipino men (aka, Manongs) immigrated to California to work on farms, canning factories, and fishing boats. The pay was shit but the allure of owning a home in America was too tantalizing to pass up. Since Filipina women were prohibited from immigrating with men, towns all around California quickly filled up with single, sweaty, and good lookin' Filipino men.

    These Manilatowns were packed to the brim with stylish Filipino bachelors who spent their money on new suits and their time at taxi dance halls‪#‎AmericasFirstFuckboys‬ ‪#‎JustKidding‬ ‪#‎SorryGrandpa‬

    Taxi dance halls were immensely popular among Filipino bachelors which provided both entertainment and sexual attention. For only ten cents, Filipino men could dance with first-generation European immigrant women, show off their outfits of the day, and romance their way to secret relationships that were illegal under anti-miscegenation laws.

    Despite racist laws, these interracial relationships continued to blossom and included relationships between Filipino men and Italians, Irish, Mexicans, and Black women.

    Word spread about the Manongs and white men were (for lack of a better term) TRIGGERED AS FUCK:

    "Some of these [Filipino] boys, with perfect candor, told me bluntly and boastfully that they practice the art of love with more perfection than white boys, and occasionally one of the [white] girls has supplied me with information to the same effect."

    The reality of Filipino men -- who were seen as small, weak, and inferior to white American men -- falling in love with white women become such a problem that mobs of masked white men started to raid, brutalize, and even kill the Manongs. Many of their assaults were directed at Filipino men's groins:

    "Another man, the one called Jake, tied me to a tree. Then he started beating me with his fists... A tooth fell out of my mouth, and blood trickled down my shirt. The man called Lester grabbed my testicles with his left hand and smashed them with his right fist. The pain was so swift and searing."

    So the next time you hear one of those bullshit stereotypes about Asian men, look back in American history and ask yourself, "WHY was America so obsessed with emasculating Asian men?" or "Why do they constantly talk about Asian men's penises?" You'll quickly realize that it has nothing to do with stereotypes being true or false, and everything to do with white male insecurity.
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    @Richter915 I followed him for a bit but... I just hate the way he posts, you know? So I had to unfollow.
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    I know exactly what you're talking about...a bit over the top. It's great to read when you're having a rough day but I can see it getting to be a bit much too. I'm digging it a lot for the time being.
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    @Richter915 I follow LLAG, yeah he can be a little ott sometimes but I enjoy his stuff for the most part
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  20. Zoshchenko Apr 14, 2016
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    A sort of follow-up on my last post about the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the #TheRealUW hashtag--University of Wisconsin-Madison police officers (UWPD) entered into a classroom and arrested a student today.

    UWPD enters classroom, arrests UW-Madison student for vandalism - The Daily Cardinal

    Facebook post from a student in the classroom at the time --

    To me, it feels completely over the top to interrupt a class and arrest someone, especially for vandalism.

    Edit: Here's a (currently) live Google Doc where UW faculty are crafting and signing a letter in support of the student / against the actions of UWPD. My current Sociology professor, Pamela Oliver, has signed it, which feels good.

    UWPD: No More Anti-Black Racism on Campus
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    Depressing as fuck that this somehow acceptable. Even more depressing when I saw the comments defending it

    Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 1.54.22 PM.png
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    They're not even translating the story to an American setting, just telling a very specifically Asian story while casting white people as Asian people.
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    It's like the media has taken a huge step back in 2015/2016. Blackface and yellowface in full force.
  24. Anyone ever feel like people have looked down on you because you don't speak your "native" language?

    And anyone ever have people question you about your ethnicity? Like they ask you what you are and you tell them, and they say something like "no you're not, you must be (insert what they think you are here)", and they have to go off asking where you were born, and where your parents were born, etc. So annoying and unnecessary.

    Also a few pages back someone mentioned something about not dating your own race. I don't date my own race because I'm not attracted my own race. I find myself only attracted to white guys (more so blondes & lighter brown hair). I can't explain it, it's just what I'm attracted to.
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  25. Kiana

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    You're Hispanic right? I think that's unfortunately really common. People have an idea in their head what Hispanic or Latino people look like and can't deal when they don't fit that image. I get that all the time and it's frustrating.

    As for the last paragraph, sis........ I'd say it's probably your "preference" because those are the ideals that are held up in this society and promoted as beauty