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The Official Chrismukkah Thread

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by iCarly Rae Jepsen, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    I know there's already Christmas threads in Music and Entertainment but I feel like there should be a more all-encompassing one here

    Happy Holidays
  2. Garrett

    you're not a ghost Moderator

    Chrismukkah :heart:
  3. St. Nate

    من النهر إلى البحر Prestigious

    Happy Holidays!
  4. The Lucky Moose

    I'm Emotional, I Hug the Block Prestigious

    Happy Holidays! It's my favorite time of the year and the only time I embrace kitsch.
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  5. ChrisCantWrite

    Trusted Prestigious

    I love Chrismukkah!
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  6. Serh

    Prestigious Prestigious

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  7. sophos34

    Prestigious Supporter

    love this season
  8. ChrisCantWrite

    Trusted Prestigious

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  9. oldjersey

    Pro Podcaster Supporter

  10. Kiana

    Goddamn, man child Prestigious

    I am here for any and all OC references
  11. Ken

    entrusted Prestigious

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  12. Garrett

    you're not a ghost Moderator

    'Tis the season
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  13. ChrisCantWrite

    Trusted Prestigious

    Just realized that the kids graduated in 06 like me. Where were my Atwood muscles in high school!?!?
  14. Your Milkshake

    Prestigious Prestigious


    is what you meant to type
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  15. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

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  16. clockwise


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  17. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    hope everyone's having a wonderful time even though I understand if you're not doing it simply
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  18. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    run away with me Platinum

    that time of year again
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  19. Your Milkshake

    Prestigious Prestigious

    not yet actually
  20. Garrett

    you're not a ghost Moderator

    Believe it’s time to bring back my Seth Cohen yarmulklaus avatar
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  21. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Prestigious

    very excited to do all of my christmas shopping this weekend. i am obsessed with giving gifts. i hope you all have a nice holiday season too.

    also if anyone is like, super into decorating, michael's has all their christmas stuff between 40-70% off right now!!!!!!!!!
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  22. Joe4th

    Memories are nice, but that's all they are. Prestigious

    I'm almost done Christmas shopping, which is the earliest I'll have ever finished. I'm proud of myself for not waiting until the week before for once!
  23. personalmaps

    citrus & cinnamon Prestigious

    @Jason Tate is there a christmas theme for chorus i can't remember
  24. Ken

    entrusted Prestigious

    hell yeah
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  25. JulieLynn

    Surely Someone's Gonna Save Me Now Prestigious

    and I love this thread too! Now I have to go watch episodes of The OC.