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The Office (NBC) TV Show • Page 98

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by tdlyon, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. tdlyon

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    Pam gets annoying way before that imo, probably around when her and Jim get engaged
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  2. fyebes

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    I don't know if it starts that early for me, but she's definitely rough in season eight and nine. basically from when she adopts that office administrator position, in my opinion. I feel like her character gets pigeonholed into this "mom of the office" role and it's really grating at times.
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  3. JM95


    Yeah I think it's around this point too. A lot of the emotional grounding that made the Jim/Pam storyline so good in the first three seasons disappeared. I think it was still there when they got together and maybe when Pam went off to art school but after that they were just two smug characters relying on the audience already loving them.

    I also think Jenna Fischer's acting range seemed quite limited. She could play the slightly downtrodden, under-confident receptionist, and her initial steps into becoming a more confident character, consciously making an effort to stand up for herself towards the end of S3, were really well done. Some time after that though she just became smug Pam. That episode where she finds out Michael is dating her mother is actually a bit embarrassing, in terms of Fischer's acting.
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  4. SmashRipsaw

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    Why isn't Phyllis on this list?

    1. She basically calls Pam a slut
    2. She invites Jim and Pam out for lunch and then abandons them to have sex in the bathroom
    3. She calls Michael "numb nuts" when he won't give her the leads
    4. She abuses her power when she takes over the PPC
    5. She tries to CUT in the pretzel line
    6. She gets uppity about her perfume
    7. "Close your mouth, sweetie, you look like a trout"
    8. Purposely wears low-cut shirts so that Bob Vance will fight people when they look at her

    She's just generally mean to everybody, but gets away with because she acts quiet.
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  5. marsupial jones

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    true. And maybe worst of all, she pretty much admits to cheating on Bob, or at the very least some heavy flirting several times even though she freaks out that Bob is cheating on her (season 4 when she sees his secretary dressed just like her) when it’s likely her doing the cheating (“I like being in the same building as Bob, it keeps me honest.”)

    but then again you could make a strong case for Creed lol

    - possibly murdered someone (Halloween so where he shows up in blood and then leaves, also “Mafia” when Michael in character says he’s been accused of murder)

    - sells fake ID’s to teenagers

    - steals things from Toys for Tots

    - got someone at the paper mill fired because he didn’t do his job and then stole their money from the card

    - pretty sure he stole a gift from Jim and Pam’s wedding

    - whatever he was arrested for in the series finale

    - probably doesn’t actually do anything at work since he doesn’t know his own job title anymore in season 4

    - has been the leader of a cult

    - another possible murder or identity theft of Creed Bratton

    who knows what else lol
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  6. JM95


    Still trying to work out who Phyllis had a one-night stand with.
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  7. Drew Beringer

    @drewberinger Moderator

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  8. Drew Beringer

    @drewberinger Moderator

    has to be Stanley
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  9. SmashRipsaw

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    Is this necessary? I'm not sure what he had to add that isn't covered in The Office Ladies podcast. Is this a one-off thing?
  10. marsupial jones

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    Yeah I’m curious about that podcast too. I don’t have Spotify so I won’t be able to listen. Curious how many eps it is and what it covers.
  11. Renee

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  12. marsupial jones

    if i don't like your avatar i don't like you

    Fun hypothetical that someone else has probably spent more time researching:

    Jim and Pam are friendless people who only have each other.

    - when Pam has her kids, who visits them? Her mom. And Office staff. No one else. No friends.

    - CeeCee’s godparents are a set of people they met during a birthing class a few months earlier. That’s... it? No lifelong or college friends to be godparents?

    - best man and maid of honors are family members, no surprise there. But who are the rest of the wedding party people, family members as well? No friends are introduced or shown (I think) at the wedding.

    - they research daycares but don’t get any insight from friends. Maybe none of their friends have kids is a possibility...?

    Probably more examples or ideas to build on that I’m missing, but aside from Jim having a roommate in season 2 and a few vague references to dinner or activities with a friend here or there, no references to friends in their lives.
  13. Drew Beringer

    @drewberinger Moderator

    I mean you can say that about all the office people - the only friends we ever see are Dwight’s - all of Daryl’s friends are in the warehouse

    I mean the majority of my wife and my friends are co-workers - that’s just how it is as an adult sometimes
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  14. Drew Beringer

    @drewberinger Moderator

    Roy’s only friends are his cousin/brother and the warehouse guys
  15. Renee

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    Isabel and the poor recipient of Date Mike were friends, and Isabel is at the hospital for the wrong baby moment

    It makes me so mad that the godparents are two randoms...when they both have siblings?!!?@!
  16. TJ Wells

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    I went to college, those fucking kids would absolutely pick up those candy bars, total bullshit.
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  17. TJ Wells

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    Is Brian Baumgartner's podcast any good/any different than Office Ladies?
  18. sammyboy516

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    I just came here to post that it is 1000 times better than Office Ladies and it is what I hoped that podcast was going to be. I don’t know how much of the podcast Brian is responsible for creatively, but it seems like he is really talented as a presenter/documentarian/whatever this makes him.
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  19. sammyboy516

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    All you have to do is download Spotify and sign up for it, podcasts are free. No credit card needed.
  20. TJ Wells

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    I like Office Ladies, they remind me of my dorky aunts, minus all the awful conservatism.
  21. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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  22. marsupial jones

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    I can only imagine the horror stories Rashida could tell about her experience being Karen. But... I’m more flabbergasted and alarmed that her dog was murdered???? Who the fuck murders a dog??? And then to say that to someone who briefly played a character on a show 10+ years ago?? Like, move on, take a deep breath, seek some help.
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  23. TJ Wells

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    It was killed by another dog. It's super fucked up.
  24. RyanPm40

    The Torment of Existence Supporter

    Wait what happened with Rashida?
  25. TJ Wells

    Trusted Prestigious

    Just for the same reason. She is portrayed as an obstacle to Jim and Pam on the show, and to psychotics that makes her a horrible person.
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