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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by tdlyon, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Dirty Sanchez

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    If NBC knew how popular this show would get via streaming, it sure wouldn’t have ended in 2013.
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  2. Jake Gyllenhaal

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  3. a nice person

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    I’m genuinely surprised that the rumored re-boot hasn’t been fully formed yet. From NBC’s perspective, it makes sense to pay 2-3 people from the original series to return and get a new cast.
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal

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  5. Brent

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    Please, for the love of God, let the Blues win.
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  6. Jake Gyllenhaal

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  7. Sean Murphy

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    Jim & Roy ! Lol
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  9. marsupial jones

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    The look on his face and tone of Roy’s face and Jim’s smile. Fantastic lol.
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  10. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Dwight comes up from behind with the pepper spray
  11. tdlyon

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    That was a classic Jim face at the end
  12. smoke4thecaper

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    Too good. I’m happy for Jenna. She’s fun to follow on IG.
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    omg the knicks one lmao
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  17. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    As someone who doesn't pay attention to the NBA

  18. imthesheriff

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    The Boston one though
  19. RyanPm40

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    Damn, makes me wish I knew anything about sports :crylaugh:. I've seen the Celtics a couple times but not in years
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  20. Sean Murphy

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    lol the rockets one is great too
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  21. coleslawed

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    had the same feels with all the Blues talk last week.
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  22. marsupial jones

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    Started a rewatch today. I usually start with season 2 but I started with S1E1.

    - forgot that Meredith is played by a different actress in this episode

    - they show the outside of a different building

    - pretty sure there is no hallway next to the kitchen door / supply shelf in this episode
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  23. Sean Murphy

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    wait meredith is different in S1?? this is news to me. I knew there was a different building and it always throws me but how have I never noticed meredith before
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  24. marsupial jones

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    I first noticed it when Michael does his Hitler impression (first episode does a Hitler impression wtf lol) and then when they have a conference room meeting that same actress is there but actual Meredith is not. Along with some random blonde woman they may never show again lol
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  25. sammyboy516

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    Are you sure whoever you’re talking about is meant to be Meredith? Do they address her that way? I don’t think she was played by someone else I think the character just isn’t in the episode.
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