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  1. Dinosaurs Dish

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    Nellie also became a much better, relatable and sympathetic character in season 9.
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    Will Ferrel’s time was brief, that meme would be better suited for Mark Brendanawicz on Parks & Rec
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    Man when Ryan comes back to the office after he's arrested, he and Michael just have the worst goatees, they look fake lol
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    You lose Michael leaving if you cut out all of those episodes.
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    Since people like to point out things that make no sense, I'd like to contribute one haha. In season 5 after David calls Michael to NY to tell him how his branch is doing so well and he basically says nothing but nonsense, why on earth would David send Michael to all the other branches to lecture them lol
  8. marsupial jones

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    There are a lot of things that make me wonder how / why David gets to where he does lol.

    I’d assume that he let Michael do the lecture circuit to make him feel important and special but didn’t take into consideration the damage he would (likely) cause on his journey lol
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  9. Dinosaurs Dish Apr 11, 2019
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    Dinosaurs Dish

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    It's also a good example of people high up in corporations can make just as stupid decisions as anyone else. Everybody is winging it every day, haha

    There's lots of stuff I thought was unrealistic or just absurd while watching this show, but the more and more I work in typical corporate office places, the more I realize that it's really not that far off. I've had duel managers, I've seen a Pam-like secretary jump multiple pay levels into a position she wasn't ready for (this was me, haha), I've been around when employees were busted for sexual affairs in an office and it causing all sorts of shit, etc...
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    He probably started to accept that the company was going down the shitter and just didn't care at that point lmao only plausible explanation I can think of
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  12. bradsonemanband

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    I'm so stoked to see Angela, Kevin, and Oscar tomorrow at the SLC version of Comic Con (Fan X)
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  13. bradsonemanband

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    UPDATE: I met Angela today and high fived Oscar. Eeee!
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  14. Dog with a Blog

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    This is so pure. Really brings me back. Feelin all nostalgic and stuff :(
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  15. Henry

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    NBC is looking to pull the show from Netflix for their own streaming service in 2021.
  16. Dog with a Blog

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    Huh. I don’t know anything but I feel like The Office has had so much life post-finale because of Netflix. So many more people have Netflix than they will an NBC streaming service and, as much as people love The Office, and don’t see people getting a streaming service solely for it, right?

    I hate the direction streaming services are going.
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  17. slimfenix182

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    There's only so many 8-10 bucks a month streaming services I'm gonna get
  18. marsupial jones

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    over time people realized that paying $100-$150 for cable in which they didn't watch 95% of channels available was dumb and thus, streaming services were born for super cheap and people loved it.

    and in time, there will be a streaming service for almost all individual channels / companies.

    and in more time, people will realize that they're paying $100-$150 for 8-10 subscription services in which they only use like 10% of what's available and want things to change and someone will go "what if they just put all these services together in one?" and we'll all think, "whoooaaaaa what a great idea!" lol
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  19. a nice person

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    The revolutionary “streaming bundle” will soon be upon us, with a 2-year contract.
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  20. marsupial jones

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    while Game of Thrones is on i added the HBO Subscription from Amazon Prime for $15 a month and it really bugs me that i'm paying $15 a month on top of paying $15 for Netflix and all i can think is, "holy shit, this really is how people are gonna end up paying just as much or than they did for cable".

    - Netflix
    - Hulu
    - HBO / Starz / Showtime (Amazon channel add-ons)
    - Disney
    - NBC / Fox / ABC

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  21. Ken

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    Solder that cord back together.
  22. bradsonemanband

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  23. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    I still got the good seasons on DVD as a backup
  24. I share my Prime/HBO subscription while I use my friend's Netflix and my other friend's Hulu. The best way to get everything is to share in a group.
  25. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    Alot of these I wouldn't have guessed right