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The Night Of (HBO) TV Show • Page 5

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by popdisaster00, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. TheNateM

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    As excited for this episode as I am. It can wait until after the Olympics
  2. airik625 Aug 14, 2016
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    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Prestigious

    At least we are getting some court room sequences.

    A few things off the top of my head.

    Hearse driver is creepy as fuck. What the hell.

    Stepfather is also looking more and more interesting.

    Thank god for Dr. Yee .

    Hate to see Naz give in to temptation. One drug test, and his life is over.

    The tattoos. Ugh. Not smart. Come on Naz.

    Still think the other guy who was walking with Trevornis a dark horse for the killer. Speaking of, I guess nothing came of Stone having him down that dark alley and abandoned building?

    Only two episodes left. So much to cram in it feels like.

    I also have a theory now on who I think did it though. This might be kind of out there, but I think the stepfather is somehow affiliated with Freddy, and he had his Freddy's guys on the outside take her out in exchange for money. Maybe the other guy who was walking with Trevor and peered at Naz before they entered her apartment works for Freddy. I don't know. It's in the early stages.
  3. domotime2

    It's an Albany Expression Prestigious

    Naz has to do what he has to survive in prison. I dont blame him at all for his actions inside jail
  4. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Prestigious

    It's hard to. But the tattoos and drugs didn't seem like something he was being forced into.
  5. TheNateM

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    i think naz likes prison life. he has respect (or fear) which he never had when he was free.
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  6. TheNateM

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    this is interesting. very possible.
  7. I'm not sure if it goes that deep but I'm definitely suspicious of Freddy. Seems too random that he'd take Naz under his wing.
  8. domotime2

    It's an Albany Expression Prestigious

    cant believe there's only 2 episodes left. i feel like they're going to be fucking much to do and so much that could happen
  9. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Prestigious

    I know. I'm afraid we are going to be left with quite a few loose ends.
  10. domotime2

    It's an Albany Expression Prestigious

    it's safe to say we're throwing out the "car thief" angle?
  11. MexicanGuitars

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    Yeah I do not buy the tattoos and drugs at all.
  12. fronkensteen


    Would you rather get the crap beat out of you and raped or try to fit in?
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  13. Vivatoto

    Looking back I'm just as bad as you Prestigious

    I'm not sure that's entirely what the show is proposing..It seems like there is a lot of darkness in his past and shit that we don't know about, and MKW asks him if he was ever happy on the outside, I think there is a part of him that's accepting the life style, whether it be him preparing himself for the possibility of the rest of his life in prison or he just found something in himself that's "happy" as that person.
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  14. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Prestigious

    Completely agree that they are exploring Naz's "true self" and what really makes him happy. He doesn't even seem to know if he was happy or not when he wasn't behind bars.
  15. imthesheriff

    Here I Am. So Glad You Are. Supporter

    There is plenty we don't know about him. He was taking adderall and didn't tell anyone so the drug usage isn't that crazy. He obviously has issues controlling his anger. Yeah the tattoos are a bit much but think of the time frame. If the trial is starting he's been in there for probably 4-6 months? He's also someone in prison instead of a nobody.
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  16. TheNateM

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    there really isnt a lot of hope for naz up until this point that hes going to be found innocent. the idea of living a life in prison probably has a lot to do with it.
  17. suicidesaints

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    Another great episode.
  18. fronkensteen


    Either way, I think this show is generating a lot of great discussions and thoughts about motivations, 'what would I do?', etc...
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  19. brentkid


    Another great episode. There are so many layers to this show that I really don't know what direction they'll go in. For the most part I really didn't think we'd find out who really committed the murder - we still may not - but I could also see a conclusion where it doesn't even matter.

    I'm really interested in Freddy's actual motivations behind his relationship with Naz. He said something like "I'mma make a convict out of you yet" in the most recent episode. At first I thought nothing of it, but perhaps Freddy sees someone so obviously an outsider in what is his domain. It could just be another form of entertainment for him to see how corruptible Naz is. Or maybe he sees Naz for who he really is and believes he's helping him tap into that.
  20. The Freddy theory is fun to think about, but that'd be a little much the more I think about it. I feel like there is something more to him taking him under his wing though. I'm sure he realizes Naz isn't as dumb as most of the guys there and is trying to see if he can flip him for whatever reason, despite not knowing the "game" as well.

    Crazy to think this is all done in two episodes. Best stuff HBO has done in years outside of Thrones. True Detective (s1) is close, but this show is nearly flawless. The way they portray the faultiness in the law system here is mindblowing and eerily realistic from even my personal experience.
  21. Double post. I in no way see this getting a happy ending. I think we will get the answers to who did it, how, and why. And it won't be Naz who did it. But it's not gonna matter in the end. I still see him getting convicted, already corrupted and not giving any fucks. It'd fit in with the theme of this show showing how fucked the justice system can be. How, why, and who though? We shall see.

    I also hope I'm completely wrong and they prove me wrong with something way more satisfying.
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  22. EngineDown

    formerly known as chill yoshi

    I feel like the most interesting scenario is Naz getting out either bc reasonable doubt or another one of the red herrings, but he's still forced to be part of Freddy's ring on the outside
  23. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

    Oh boy
  24. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Prestigious

    Naz's lawyer is doing an incredible job defending him. Well done Chandra.

    You could tell the DA was grasping at straws after Dr. Katz took the stand. He knocked it out of the park.

    Shit is getting real at Rikers. Thought when he saw that pool of blood, he was going to walk over and someone was going to see him standing over a dead body and it was going to be The Night Of Part II hah.

    Still not sure who I like for the murder. But after they found that other victim cut up just like Andrea, I couldn't help but think why that hasn't been in the news. If word gets out, it would all but eliminate him as a suspect.

    Naz still better hope he doesn't get drug tested.
  25. MexicanGuitars Aug 21, 2016
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    Chorus’ Expert on OTIP Track #8 Supporter

    Prob my favorite episode.

    Edit: Didn't find the Chandra-Naz kiss believable at all though.