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  1. Kyle is hk

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    Matt was definitely not sloshed at that show. I’ve seen them 8 times (#brag) and that show was way on the sober end of the spectrum.

    Honestly their best shows have been when he’s at his drunkest anyway lol.
  2. Kyle is hk

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    Mann center crowd was pretty lame tho (at least the section I was in)
  3. zmtr

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    I don’t trust anyone who says this album isn’t good anyways.
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  4. The only time I’ve considered if Matt has overdone it a bit was Mo Pop last summer and it was till a great show, just a bit of a weird one
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  5. zmtr

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    Same here.
  6. zmtr Jun 12, 2019
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    The show at Eaux Claires last year was unspeakably great.

    MOPOP was great but certainly ended weird.
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  7. marsupial jones

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    The lines “I’m not going anywhere, who do I think I’m kidding?” From the title track always kind of makes me chuckle because it makes me randomly think of the scene from The Office where Michael comes back from NY to say that he’ll always be at Dundee Mifflin and that he’s going nowhere and that he’ll always be there and as he says it it seemingly dawns on him how sad that sounds lol
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  8. hermanthehermit

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    Wait, what happened at MOPOP?
  9. smowashere

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  10. hermanthehermit

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  11. I think the only thing we were deprived of was an encore basically. I honestly kind of enjoyed it as just a unique experience, but that’s as someone who’s seen them a handful of times over the last few album cycles. I could understand feeling differently if I were a big fan seeing them for the first time maybe. But hey, they’re p e o p l e too. It happens. Ahhh seeing them in less than a week and I’m both super pumped and feel like it’s just kinda sneaking up on me
  12. zmtr

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    Honestly it's amazing Matt performed as well as he did for so long with all that dust. I couldn't breathe right for a few days.
  13. Oh yeah I forgot about that

    Honestly they could have done anything up there and I would have been fine with it. I was still basking in the glow of Homecoming and their performances there.
  14. Importer/Exporter

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    I’ve seen them 12 times, and the festival sets are usually, as with most larger acts, the most boring (exempting MusicNow/Homecoming). The only show that was bordering on being less than great was when I saw them in Pittsburgh last year and i probably only feel that way because it was the least interesting setlist they did all tour imo.

    But Homecoming last year was incredible, and the first year I saw them do MusicNow in Cinci was maybe the best show of my life:

    The National Setlist at Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati
  15. I don’t know if Matt was drunk when I saw them last summer, I was too in awe of the fact that I was finally seeing them live to notice lol
  16. Ben Lee

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    I think Matt got a bit tipsy towards the end of our set in Madison last year. He threw a wine glass up in the air and shorted out his mic at the end of the set, but they still had like 4 songs left.
  17. :hearteyes:

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  18. Gjpeace

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    Saw them two nights ago in Atlanta, and it was incredible. The new songs are so, so good. “Hey Rosey” in particular stood out, and it was already one of my favorites on the album.
  19. wisdomfordebris

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    This is just the best album.
  20. Rowan5215

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    I don't know why it's getting announced so early but good god I am going and I'm dragging my brother with me!
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  21. I’m just hoping tickets are more affordable this time around!
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  22. Rowan5215

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    I've never seen them before or even been near a tour that I remember - are their prices usually steep?
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  23. Cheapest tickets to their last Melbourne show were $120 :verysad:
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  24. Rowan5215

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    ffffuuck, guess I'm saving for the next month :thumbup:
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