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  1. jordalsh Prestigious

  2. imthesheriff

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    yeah this might be my favorite on the album
  3. jordalsh Prestigious

    hard to find
    i am easy to find
    where is her head

    all in a row I M DE A D D
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  4. jordalsh Prestigious

    AND I




  5. jordalsh Prestigious

    ok one of the best shows i’ve ever seen bye
  6. Rowan5215

    Can I measure your tree?

    if nothing scares you about you and me, never put me down
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  7. adamlikesdogs


    Chills from that video. This album is so, so, so good.
  8. contra11mundum

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    Driving to Indy tonight and excited to listen to this album at least twice
  9. Kyle is hk

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    Oblivions sounded amazinnnnngg last night
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  10. zmtr

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  11. jordalsh Prestigious

    yeah i keep thinking about that one
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  12. Carrow

    Japanese Bonus Track

    Lol, Hard to Find and I Am Easy to Find back to back, well played NTL
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  13. Ben Lee

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    Jesus fucking christ that performance. I'm probably just gonna delete the album I've been working on for the last two years now. :crylaugh:
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  14. jordalsh Prestigious

    i didn't get this at all until later that night lol
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  15. socklord

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    Damn you beat me to it...
  16. wisdomfordebris

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    so uhwhat am i missing?
  17. sophos34

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    damn I had to work late last night so I didn’t make it out to the show
  18. wisdomfordebris

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    aw :thumbdown:
  19. Mélange

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    I love The National. I don't think the album is that good, and last night’s show was probably the most disappointing show I’ve ever experienced. Pretty sure Matt was sloshed... which was mildly entertaining. Seemed to annoy some people around me though. The encore was good, at least.

    *ducks and leaves*
  20. phaynes12

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    matt is always sloshed man
  21. smowashere

    All three times I’ve seen them: sloshed
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  22. Mélange

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    Fair point. It works for the more energetic songs.
  23. jordalsh Prestigious

    he did not appear that way to me? thought he was pretty on tbh. he messed up one line in not in kansas but uh there are a billion words in that song
  24. username

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    Matt always brings that uncomfortable drunk energy, it’s great
  25. Mélange

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    I didn’t think he was messing up words because of it. It was more an observation based on how he was swaying and carrying himself on stage. There was one song where he was unintelligible, though. Like I said, I didn’t even mind it (though some did).

    The reason I was disappointed was because I didn’t care for the setlist. It was sorely missing Boxer and HV tracks. I also felt the energy was lacking/inconsistent compared to the other times I’ve seen them. The sound was also flat at times, which is surprising for the Mann.