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The Modern Baseball Movement

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 26, 2016.

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    David Anthony, writing for The A.V. Club, about Modern Baseball:

    “We would hear horror stories from fans,” said Lukens. “The easier ones would be like, ‘I got kicked in the face.’ Then there’s the more intense ones like, ‘I put my drink down and now I’m feeling odd,’ or, ‘I was crowdsurfing and guys pulled me down and started groping me.’ We realized that it was as much on us, as it is on everyone else, to make everyone safe and make sure all these venues are safe and accommodating.” These new policies have not only added more work for Lukens and Holt, but they’ve led each member of the band to look inward and find ways to become better allies to the non-white, non-male people at their shows.

    This is a really fascinating article, even for someone that’s admittedly not a huge fan of the band. Not sure what’s going on with the typography choices for links though.

  2. Anticitizen7

    Please be kind. Like actually kind though.

    Fascinating. So much respect for Modern Baseball.
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  3. cwhit

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    even if musically i'm still torn on them i appreciate this band so much
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  4. devenstonow


    i'm over this band

    The article is written well, but it feels like it's trying to hard to be presented in a 'modern' way.

    And don't get me started on the lame af "bios" of the members
  5. MattNCheeze


    Always like longform pieces.
  6. Craig Ismaili

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    aren't the typography on the links the same from the album cover? I'm admittedly not a big fan so I don't know for certain...
  7. This just goes to confirm my thoughts that MoBo will be a band that is remembered. I think their career is kind of echoing MCS's, in that they're kind of the spiritual successors of that sort of smart pop punk. I really love everything they're doing to extend their influence beyond the stage.
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  8. efp722


    Not the biggest fan. I enjoyed Holy Ghost but didn't find anything too lasting in it. But this was a really interesting insight.
  9. efp722


    thats an interesting comparison
  10. JWard


    I love Modern Baseball but jesus christ this is too many words about Modern Baseball.
  11. I love Mobo and this article is awesome
  12. Maybevictor

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    I still think they way overplayed the mental health aspect of Holy Ghost in a way that almost exploits it for the sake of standing out / creating a narrative for the band (i loved the documentary and how it made it seem like the album would be a cathartic experience similar to it that tackled these issues head on, but the album itself is pretty superficial about it outside of Jake's tracks).

    With that being said, i'm glad kids are flocking to this band and that they are doing their part to make the scene better and i really like the way the article was written and i think the gimmicks (bios, links, etc) are fun and make sense for the band / type of article.
  13. Michael Schmidt

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    Don't care for their music, but I respect the hell out of this band.
  14. transrebel59


    That's great they're doing all that. I'm really interested if they've run into any difficulties providing free water at shows. I used to tour manage bands and we would offer free bottles of water at the merch table since venues were okay with providing 5 band members 48 bottles of water but not giving it out free to people in the crowd.
  15. Steeeve Perry


    Could never get into these guys but the new record is killer. Love all of the first side. Second side isn't as strong overall but probably has two of the top three songs (Apple cider and just another face).
  16. partyscene

    my holy ghost is hovering over me

    I second this, always thought that they will be a really important band of their generation.
  17. Bartek T.

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    This is nothing but a great, positive movement, much appreciated!