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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jason Tate, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Nick

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    Like I haven't severely complained about it before cause at the end of the day it's not ruining anything just making certain things I do on this site a little harder to do. I like the recent activity page because I can see what's happening, where conversation is going etc. I wouldn't have known Taking Back Sunday was releasing a new album without it but when the Like thread kicks into gear that's all you see on that page.

    I see what you're saying about the pswb thread but I think with careful moderation it could be a very fun thread, you know me I have at least 10 ,000 stupid selfies where I look like I'm sulking in them and I think that could have been a fun place to poke fun at myself more than anything, I wouldn't post them in the PYP thread because that, to me, feels like something different. I wasn't online when the thread was locked but the impression I got was that there was no real explanation given (correct me if I'm wrong). But that should at least be given a chance rather than locking instantly on the basis there's already a thread for it.
  2. St. Nate

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    I'm happy #pswb is catching on.

    If the thread is dead at least it's legacy will live on.
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  3. Nick

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    Posting photos of people that don't want their photos being public, I assumed. I could see people taking the thread the wrong way and doing that.
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  4. Wharf Rat

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    Oh, I didnt think of that. I assumed it was a thread to post your own pictures.
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  5. Nick

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    Yeah it would be, in its purest form. But you know how things go when they catch on and get larger.
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  6. St. Nate

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    It specifically asked for selfies and had a nice PSA that advised folks to use sunblock.
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  7. Nick

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    I'll tell you this I look funnier without sunblock. I still have a line on my legs from a sunburn in June :crylaugh:
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  8. Garrett

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    I laughed at your selfies statement. There wasn't any real explanation given at the time. Some mods think it is just an extension of the PYP thread, but I agree with you that they're different, even if ever so slightly. And I agree about giving it a chance, but apparently others don't. So I don't want to unlock it just to have someone else come lock it again, rinse, repeat.
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  9. St. Nate

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    Thus the friendly PSA!
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  10. Nick

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    Actually @Jason Tate I've noticed the OP of this thread doesn't have a full list of moderators and what section they're most prominent in. This, at least I think, can cause a bit of confusion for us users as we don't know who should be modding what forum etc. One thing I've seen on some other forums is like a little box at the bottom of a forum's thread list, listing out the moderators of that forum. This could make things a little more transparent for users. Reporting posts is one thing, but being able to direct message a forums moderator could make things a little more direct and hopefully get a faster response. I don't know how you or others would feel about that but it seems like a good option to me.
  11. Dominick Sep 14, 2016
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    To be serious for a moment:

    There are multiple members of this messageboard, many of whom belong to marginalized groups, who actually do not feel comfortable with the current way moderation is set up. It is unresponsive and actually ignores concerns where they are genuine. On top of that, there isn't much diversity among them. Most of the time it just looks like a boys club, access to which allows one to act with impunity. The women moderators get overwhelmed with the hate, while the guys don't actually do anything, near as I can tell and maintain "popularity". This is just one of the things I've heard discussed, but which people don't bring up because it doesn't seem like anyone listens. You can take what I say with a grain of salt or ignore it if you'd like, but this is not an uncommon them in the conversations I've had. Again, I guess the thinking is there's no point in bringing it up because nothing will change. I think that something has to. There has to be more inclusive mechanisms that can be used to address these concerns.
  12. AelNire

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    I'm really disappointed with the way this is being handled. If you're concerned with being "popular" or "the cool mod" give up your powers. It isn't @lightning13 job to mod the whole forum. Seems to me that she's the one having to be the bad guy time and time again. She thinks these things out and doesn't just off the cuff ban/warn users. Hence why she wants a slack to discuss things so shit like this doesn't happen and there is no confusion. It should be a united front and I'm not seeing much of that here. I'm tired of seeing her do her job but then take all of the backlash. I don't know everything that's going on behind the scenes but from what I am seeing, it's bullshit. We're supposed to be a community. Take from that what you will.
  13. It's hard to pull all of that information on each forum, it's a pretty big overhead. I'm still working on the entire moderation structure of the site — lots to do there.

    The reported post feature is by far the fastest way to get a response though. Second would be to message me. Third @reply me into a thread.
  14. Where is it unresponsive? I've answered every question any one's ever asked me about moderation.
  15. Nick

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    fair, thought i'd throw it out there anyway
  16. This is a good point. I'm going to close that thread. Abusing the like system like that does put an undo burden on being able to actually use the "like" system and does very much spam a variety of feeds on the site.
  17. Yeah, I'm working on it!
  18. Ben

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    It was closed earlier today.
  19. Actually looks like it was already locked.
  20. Yep, just saw that. oops.
  21. My issue is that we don't have a lot to go off, so a lot of us will either bring thing to others attention or discuss them via the reports. It isn't a boys club or anything like that. There are concerns that arise, and we discuss them. The threads that we have talking about issues are civil and look for direction. Could we use some more diversity? Sure. We don't have clear cut ideas of the view points others do. We can handle clear cut problems with the boards but sometimes it is difficult to draw a line. If we are banning people or locking threads without consulting the group, we are not doing our job. These boards should warrant discussion both on the user side and moderation side.

    For example, today, Garrett and I wouldn't have known about the problem with the 'like' system if it hadn't been brought to our attention. We talked about it and handled it quickly.

    We've had other issues today that we are trying to work through.

    Suggestions are always welcome, we are looking to build and repair. Just work with us, please.

    Also, to the mods out there, I'd appreciate if we keep issues in house. Names have been brought up in threads that should probably be amongst ourselves. No harm, no foul from me, just a going ahead thing.

    k thnx byeeee
  22. Dominick

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    I'm not referring to you. I'm referring to moderators. I am not trying to be accusatory, but to relate genuine feelings of discomfort from people that I consider friends, who don't feel empowered to bring things to the fore because they feel as though nothing will be changed; rather, as I said, they sort of look at the moderation, particularly in the general forum, as a sort of boys club. That isn't to say that you specifically haven't been responsive, but consider the culture context and I think you'll be able to see why they might be averse to speaking up, particularly when Lighting and other women get a lot of hate for "ruining fun". I don't even care about the threads or that sort of thing, but I saw, and still can see, a lot of promise in this site in terms of getting community right, in terms of making it a pluralistic environment in which people can exchange ideas, often viscerally, but never on the level of attack. That a lot of people I've spoken to feel silenced or scared shows me something is amiss, hence my speaking up. It isn't personal, nor did I intend it to be, I just care about these folks and it kills me to see them ignored or ridiculed. That's all.
  23. I do appreciate that. If anyone is feeling that way, I'd love for them to message me so I can hear what's going on, what the feelings are, and look into it.
    I agree. And I don't know why Lightning should be getting hate for anything, I told her to lock the threads when she asked about them. 100% my decision.
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  24. Just want to say thank you for relaying this message and, since you called out the General forum specifically, I'd love for anyone feeling uncomfortable to please feel free to message me to talk about this sort of thing, as the General forum is where I initially signed up to help. Or if you'd feel better talking to @lightning13, I'm sure she'd be happy to relay things to me.
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  25. aranea

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    And yet you say this publicly.

    And yes, it is a boy's club. It really is. I shouldn't have to say that, or defend myself like this.
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