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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jason Tate, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Dominick

    Prestigious Supporter

    I think the circumstances are now right for me to be a moderator. I've mostly gotten past my Robespierre phase.
  2. Adrian Villagomez Prestigious

    I don't think I'll be active enough to be a mod, but if you're looking for contributing writers in the future (music, entertainment), let me know! Damn, this site is pretty.
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  3. Yes yes I am! Please reach out. Would love this.

    Also Hiiiiii! And also thank you.
  4. nl5011

    Trusted Supporter

    I enjoyed reading your stuff!
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  5. @Jason Tate Do you have a running list of moderators? Just curious to see who is responsible for what.
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  6. Not yet. Still working on it.
  7. Garrett L.

    Moderator Moderator

    So since AP always had EOTY staff lists, since you're the only one on staff, @Jason Tate, are we gonna do mod lists? That'd be pretty fun.
  8. John Lopiano

    aka Broken Parachute Moderator

    This would be sweet.
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  9. I can list all three albums I listened to this year.
  10. cryates

    Go Braves Prestigious

    Just tell me one of them was The Hotelier.
  11. Is it even out yet? I thought it was on spotify, but I think maybe it was a different band by the same name? Whatever it was sounded like shit.

    I've basically listened to Polica, Ariana Grande, and Daughter. Thrice will probably be on there too.
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  12. Brenden

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    They're streaming it/if you preordered it they've sent out the download link.
  13. Listening to it now. Thnx.
  14. Garrett L.

    Moderator Moderator

    I'm really appreciating a lot of our interactions the last few days in the report threads. Makes me wonder if we're ever getting a mod forum...
  15. I'll be adding people to Slack soon.
  16. John Lopiano

    aka Broken Parachute Moderator

    This will also be huge.
  17. bigmike

    Trusted Prestigious

    I don't know what I'd moderate, but if more were ever needed, let me know. Mostly just sports/Q&A thread/beer. So not too useful.
  18. Brenden

    Trusted Prestigious

    I'm only good for the baseball thread.
  19. Garrett L.

    Moderator Moderator

    Oh nice. I use this with one of my freelance clients.
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  20. I don't know much about Slack. Fill me in.
  21. popdisaster00

    If anyone can dream then I can Moderator

    I think we need a dedicated Political Forum mod :)
  22. Aaron Mook

    Crooner Moderator

    Slack rules. I'm bad at explaining things, but it's like a large, organized group chat separated into channels you can join, like "General," "Album Reviews," "Interviews," etc.
  23. Aaron Mook

    Crooner Moderator

  24. Make it Dom. Allow chaos to ensue.
  25. Nick

    @fangclubb Supporter

    i will mod the politics forum, like the amazing owl i am