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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Melody Bot, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Jon


    FITM-19-DAY-LINEUPS-901x1024.jpg On my way to fire in the mountains!
  2. riotspray

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    Excited for this house show tomorrow.
  3. TriangularDuck

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    Can't say I'm really too into this, it feels like a regression from Gloria, which was an absolute ripper of an album. I know most people preferred the BTTOS sound though, so good for them.

    New Opeth is actually surprisingly good. For sure one of their best post-Watershed songs.

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  4. swboyd

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    The new Opeth single isn't bad, but it still makes me miss their pre-Watershed days.
  5. Micah511

    A higher lonely power sits at our side

    Love the new Opeth song, and I've been firmly in the camp of "Opeth hasn't been good since Watershed".
  6. swboyd

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    Getting some sweet Nails and Dismember vibes from this. Me gusta.
  7. swboyd

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    Speaking of False metal, this is some good stuff.
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  8. Nate_Johnson

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  9. DarkHotline

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    New Gatecreeper single fucking slaps
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  10. Jake W

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  11. theagentcoma

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    I don't even have to look this up to know this is a Lewandowski cover
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  12. SoundscapeMN


    what is your take on ALEA from 2016? I think it may be the best thing the band ever did.

    This new single I guess I'm luke warm about, but still am looking forward to the record.

    thanks for note on Opeth. Watershed is really the last album I enjoyed from them. Without the mix of clean and growls, Opeth just doesn't go as far for me (even with Damnation, although I enjoy that more than any of the post-Watershed albums still).
  13. nl5011

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    Elder came out with a new Ep today called The Gold and Silver Sessions. It’s pretty good little tease from them. A lot more jazzy and psychedelic than the last release.

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  15. riotspray

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    I was waiting for someone else to pick up on it. Completely knocked me on my ass out of nowhere.
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  16. Never heard of them, but this is like my favorite thing all of a sudden haha.
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  17. riotspray

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    Yeah dude. Same here. Just stumbled across it by accident and was hooked immediately.
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  18. Cameron

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    Elder is dope. I’ll check out the new ep
  19. Richter915

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    Such an angry song

  20. KidLightning

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    That Elder EP is excellent.
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  21. Nate_Johnson

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    Unanswered sounds insane live.
  22. currytheword


    I guess they're more metal than hardcore, and the hardcore community has zero interest in them, but TGI's comeback show was quite packed and they played like a 20 song setlist complete with flamethrowers and spark waterfalls.
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  23. Richter915

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    Is anyone going to summer slaughter? Lineup looks pretty good.
  24. currytheword


    Cattle D was never really my thing, and i've seen the other bands already that i'd be interested in seeing. All except for Nekrogoblikon which I became a fan of after the warped interviews on RIGHT NOW.
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  25. Nate_Johnson

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    I think it speaks volumes the band came back. I mean the drummer lost his leg! The set up his dad made for him is awesome.
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