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  1. theagentcoma

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    Commenting for later. This is a fun idea, we should all get in on it
  2. Argus Jun 12, 2019
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    Of sugar and ice I am made

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  3. Your Milkshake

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    ahh shit son theres new Deathspell Omega

    black metal fans youre fucking up if you dont already listen to this band. them and Blut Aus Nord are the best in the bis
  4. Jon


    They're my favorite band, but Mikko is in fact a sack of shit so I completely understand why some people would rather avoid them.
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  5. Horrorca


    High level of difficulty: Blut Aus Nord or Darkthrone or Enslaved (~18)

    Medium: Katatonia or Gorgoroth (~10)
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  6. Your Milkshake

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    oh really I havent heard anything but now I will
  7. Jon


    Honestly Blut Aus Nord sounds like a lot of fun, I have listened to most of their stuff but a chronological order could be fun. I may skip the splits but all the solo full lengths could be feasible so that would be about 12 releases.
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  8. Your Milkshake

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    BAUs newest album is honestly one of their best
  9. Horrorca


    all of them are good in their own right too

    like, Ultima Thule is almost as good as Works but in very different styles
  10. Horrorca


    splits, eps, singles, demos or yr a poser ;)
  11. Horrorca


    I might jump on this and do Katatonia

    sounds like fun
  12. Nate_Johnson

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    I am glad I inspired people to try it out as well. Whatever and however you do it, it's your thing. I will have to think of something else next. Maybe Converge...
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  13. Jon


    Yeah, a really diverse band, Works is my favorite but I also love their early work, Memoria III for something a bit more traditional and well written, and MorT for when my mind wants to get fucked and Ive given up on life. I do love them but as I said a back to back to back would be fun for this band.
  14. phaynes12

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    gojira were incredible live. what a show.
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  15. riotspray


    hot take: Forging a Future Self is the best After the Burial album
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  16. currytheword


    Seeing as I need to hear my first Gojira song ever and am seeing them, that’ll be my band participation effort.
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  17. theagentcoma

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    Ok here are some obviously easy ones:

    Running Wild
    Bolt Thrower

    I can give you some more obscure stuff/different genres if you want
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  18. DesolateEarth


    Spinning Controller by Misery Signals. What a solid album.
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  19. theagentcoma

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    Misery Signals is life
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  20. Jon


    I think I'm going to Blut Aus Nord, but I'll pick a band from this list next! It won't be Bolt Thrower because I have listened to all their albums, and own most of them on vinyl since I'm already a big fan. But Kreator, Immolation, or Incantation could be fun! The only Incantation albums I listened to more than once, are their first 2 since I own those physical releases and also they are just so good its hard to go to their other releases. And Kreator and Immolation I have heard scattered release by but should check them out more since the only I keep going back to is Close to the World Below for Immolation and Pleasure to Kill for Kreator. So I think I will do one of those 3 bands next thanks!
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  21. Horrorca


    oh shit I didn’t realize the rule is a band you have not listened to all the records... I think I’m missing like one Katatonia record... although 2 or 3 I haven’t listened to intently...

    I might still go for it tho because fun

  22. Jon


    I'll probably also do bands that I have listened to all their releases but havent done so in a while, or I havent actively listened to more than once or twice, because looking at Immolations discography, I think I have listened to all of them besides one, but the only once I have listened to thoroughly or engaged are their first 4, the rest I have spun less then 3 times, and in the case of Harnessing Ruin, never listened to that one at all.

    Just listen to what you want to. I've already done Deathspell Omega this year. And I usually also do Krallice, Death, and a few other discographies annually, but this way something new or something I feel deserves a more intensive listen from me also gets some rotation.
  23. PauLo

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    So, as Pelican have a new album out, I thought i'd go back to listen to them from the beginning. For whatever reason, I never gave them a proper chance. Two tracks into the first album and i'm wondering what the fuck is wrong with me. Why the fuck did I not give them more of a try?? They're exactly what i'm looking for when it comes to metal.

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  24. swboyd

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    Just saying - if you want to prove your meddle in this exercise, they're a good band to start with. Them or Buckethead with his 307 releases.

    As of now, I'm planning on joining in to this listen through with the following bands:

    -The Ruins of Beverast
    -Rotten Sound
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  25. theagentcoma

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    give me a band you cowards