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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by CoffeeEyes17, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. JRGComedy

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    Same ranking as me
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  2. i'm inclined to agree with the ranking
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  3. Sean Murphy

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    if you prefer ATP over OTIP i dont think you're nuts but I think my ranking is that ranking but OTIP is 1 and ATP is 2
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  4. AWasteOfATime


    I back it but I would put CW or RW for sure.
  5. JaytotheGee

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    ATP and OTIP are basically neck to neck with me. Gun to my head I'd say OTIP is my fav

    Chamberlain is definitely my 3rd favorite but I respect that Rented World is the better album
  6. AshlandATeam


    So I discovered the Menzingers three months ago.

    I’d always heard of them, but I’d, for one reason or another, never listened to them. Even a single song. But my Apple Music kept suggesting them and I was itching for something new and I played their discography in early July for the first time.

    Well. Turns out the Menzingers have always been my favorite band and mistakes were made for years by not listening. But also this: ‘Rented World’ might be a top five album all time for me. It has literally everything - it’s dark and gritty and working class, and it’s filled with heartache and heartbreak and existential questions spurred on by everyday moments. It’s somehow down, while also being hopeful. It’s the sound of being a person in 2019 (even though it was released years ago). It’s their Futures and ‘59 Sound and Pinkerton, in my opinion - it’s an absolute masterpiece.

    All their stuff is varying degrees of good (After the Party especially would be most bands’ best album). But holy hell has Rented World hit me in a way that very few records ever have.
  7. JRGComedy

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    Twas my first Menz album and will always have a special place in my heart!
  8. sonder

    eat my shorts, jabronis

    ATP was my #1 album in 2019 according to lol probably because that is when I really got into them...The Menzingers were also my #1 listened to artist.
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  9. smoke4thecaper

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    I’d say the Menzos are my personal “Band of the Decade.” Each album they dropped from CW forward wound up being my most-played that year.

    So they’ve got that going for them. Which is nice.
  10. .K.

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    Menzingers have put together a great run of music, and I feel like they’ve applied what they learned and added something new with each record. Even though it felt like a long wait for After The Party to come out, they really spoiled fans with a bunch of extra music (covers EP, singles and ATP b-sides). I’m kind of hoping there is still more Hello Exile era music to come.

    I’ll leave out my regular buried vocal production complaint on Hello Exile, because I do love the songs.
  11. JRGComedy

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    Tbh I really thought the vocal effect would hinder my enjoyment of the album, but after spending some time with it, I only notice it if I'm like shuffling Menzos songs (which I rarely do)
  12. Ben Lee

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    The only time I notice the vocal production being REALLY unbearable is if the songs play on my tv.
  13. .K.

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    The quality of the songs and in succession does help nullify it a bit, but I still think using it as a blanket effect across an album wasn’t required. That’s me though.
  14. 333 GANG


    I’m certainly not crazy about the vocal production, but I don’t pay any attention to it when listening to the record in its entirety.
  15. JaytotheGee

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    I don’t notice anything different with production than past records anymore tbh
  16. .K.

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    I’m not going to pretend to be an expert, but I know when something’s a distraction.

    This decision was obviously intentional because Yip didn’t use that effect on ATP. All the instruments shine on HE.

    I do hear things or don’t hear things sometimes. There are albums that sometimes feel flat, or instruments or vocals buried. Sometimes effects added that I can really specifically pick out.
  17. Ben Lee

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    The effect really only bothers me on a shotty speaker system. I could definitely do without it, but it’s not like The Blackest Beautiful or anything. Every time I listen to that album I just get mad.
  18. pauljgreco

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    The way that album sounds should be a crime.
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  19. popdisaster00

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    :eh: 767FFC69-BFE9-49D0-A6BA-191B6ABF7974.jpeg
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  20. zigbigwig

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  21. popdisaster00

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    Who knows! Probably play counts
  22. MattNCheeze


    says WHO