The Menzingers / The Sidekicks / Queen of Jeans Tour

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  1. TMS2787 Apr 3, 2019
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    Thu/Jul-18 Long Island, NY - Great South Bay Festival *
    Fri/Jul-19 Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club #
    Sat/Jul-20 Portland, ME - Aura #
    Sun/Jul-21 Woodstock, NY - Colony #
    Tue/Jul-23 Syracuse, NY - Lost Horizon
    Wed/Jul-24 Buffalo, NY - Rec Room
    Thu/Jul-25 London, ON - Rum Runners
    Fri/Jul-26 Montreal, QC - 77 Fest*
    Sun/Jul-28 Worcester, MA - Palladium Upstairs
    Tue/Jul-30 Cleveland, OH - Phantasy
    Wed/Jul-31 Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme
    Thu/Aug-01 Indianapolis, IN - Deluxe
    Fri/Aug-02 Bloomington, IL - The Castle Theater
    Sat/Aug-03 Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall
    Sun/Aug-04 Iowa City, IA - Gabes
    Tue/Aug-06 Cincinnati, OH - Southgate House Revival
    Wed/Aug-07 Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
    Thu/Aug-08 Charleston, SC - The Music Farm
    Fri/Aug-09 Virginia Beach, VA - Peabody's
    Sat/Aug-10 Baltimore, MD - Ottobar

    * Menzingers only
    # No Sidekicks
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  2. marissalg

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    Oh hell yeah
  3. JaytotheGee

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    Body = Ready
  4. popdisaster00

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  5. natefoundglory


    Pros: The Menzingers! In Illinois! With The Sidekicks!
    Cons: ...The Castle Theater...
  6. j0hnnyrt

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    Ready to go to a bunch of these. Rare for a tour to hit both buffalo and syracuse
  7. SaveTheEarth

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    Just got my Worcester ticket!
  8. SincerelyEmma

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    Same! Was kind of surprised to see it's upstairs.
  9. SaveTheEarth

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    Likewise. It's going to be the rowdiest sauna to ever exist
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  10. popdisaster00

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    Bought tickets to the Milwaukee show
  11. .K.

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    Any insight on Menzingers possible set list for this tour? Going to show on this tour and curious what they’ll be playing.
  12. Morgan


    Going to the Woodstock venue, stocked to see them in a 250 cap room!
  13. TrailerParkJesus


    We will be at the Lancaster show
  14. TMS2787


  15. paulmanley


    trying to come up with a plan for the Portland show Saturday night, but hotel room's downtown are so expensive