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The Menzingers Talk With PunkNews

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 28, 2020.

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    Tom from The Menzingers talked with PunkNews about their recent acoustic album:

    At its deepest level, it’s almost an existential crisis. We’re older now. The entire band is in our early 30s. We’ve spent this many years working at what we consider to be our craft. We write songs. We play those songs. We book tours and we are able to execute those tours, keep everybody safe, and all those things that come along with that.

    To have that completely taken away, it’s a very bizarre and empty feeling that can arise around that. From there, we have to ask ourselves what we are going to do? This all comes from the personal aspect of us and we decided to write that record and keep us busy to create some sounds that we can share with people. We are going to continue to write remotely and pay attention to what we’re doing to make the best music we can.


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    COVID killing the Menzingers would be too much for me