The Menzingers Perform Three Songs for Paste

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  2. SorryinAdvance


    Greg's voice in this performance is absolutely unreal
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  3. Zip It Chris

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    I get Robin Williams vibes in Greg's face...i know it's weird but i can't shake it. And this is so great, love Paste, NPR, all these places giving us the most intimate of settings to hear the songwriting come through.
  4. mynamesgeneric


    Good lord Greg killed it
  5. jeff.dart


    I love this album. Can’t wait to see them live
  6. MrCon

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    Saw this the other day. Performances were decent (he sings quite a lot differently when playing acoustic), but I find the interviewer really quite poor. Prefer tiny desk where they just shut up and let them play. :p
  7. Arthur Dantas

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    So good
  8. sawhney[rusted]2

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    Um why don’t they play up Greg’s voice like that on the albums, would be an interesting approach and his voice sounds great!
  9. Bartek T.

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    oh yeah he really sounds different! I prefer the soaring quality of the album versions, but this is awesome!