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The Menzingers May Be Coming in February

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. natefoundglory

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  3. bmir14

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    Lookers is my favorite song of 2016
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  4. smoke4thecaper

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    I had a dream last night that this album leaked before we knew anything about it. I was conflicted b/c I so badly want to hear it but didn't wanna be a dick.
  5. MattNCheeze


    Knew I should have gone to FEST this year.
  6. Gnarly Charlie

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    I really expected a fall release, feels like so long ago that "Lookers" released.
  7. Shrek

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    I had a dream where "Lookers" was a Say Anything track that leaked in demo form and when Max recorded it for the record he did it in the awful clearance rack garagerock sound he did his last couple records in. Reality is much better.
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  8. fredwordsmith

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    Lookers should be a monster right now - that song could be on the radio. Really hope this gets a push.
  9. Bryan Diem


    THANK GOD. My AOTY list is already an unholy mess, don't need 'Zingers in there to muddle it any further.
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  10. SayHello


    That art work is really something else.
  11. MexicanGuitars

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  12. twisterman2006

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  13. aniafc


    It's up on Apple Music, too (not sure if this was already known, but just checked myself)
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  14. twisterman2006

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    With a NEW SONG!!
  15. kpatrickwood

    Give what you can.

    Bad Catholics is up on Spotify as well. Fuck this record is gonna be something special.
  16. Gnarly Charlie

    Good guy, but a bad dude

    Wow I like this even more than Lookers
  17. Bryan Diem


    Power pop Menzingers, hell yeah. Did they namedrop Turkey hill? haha
  18. SamLevi11

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    yesyesyesyesyes pre-ordered.
  19. aniafc


    Was wondering the same thing
  20. Bryan Diem


    Turkey hill sucks but go Lancaster county.