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The Menzingers Announce ‘From Exile’

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 5, 2020.

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    The Menzingers will release From Exile, a reimagined version of Hello Exile, on September 25th. A vinyl release will follow in November, and pre-orders are now up. Today they’ve shared the new versions of “Strawberry Mansion” and “High School Friend.”

    Philadelphia-based punk band, The Menzingers will release From Exile, a reimagined stripped down version of their 2019 release Hello Exile. From Exile was recorded from the band’s respective homes while in isolation during COVID-19 stay at home orders. The album will be released digitally on September 25 and on vinyl November 13. Fans can pre-order the vinyl now via the band’s webstore, here.
    Today, the band share “Strawberry Mansion” and “High School Friend” from the forthcoming release.
    The Menzingers were on tour in Australia when the world seemed to abruptly stop due to COVID-19, forcing the band to cut their tour short and make their way back to Philadelphia. “The live music industry vanished before our eyes, and just like that we were out of work like tens of millions of others,” notes singer/guitarists Greg Barnett. “As the weeks progressed the upcoming tours got rescheduled, then rescheduled again, then effectively cancelled. There were times when it all felt fatal. There’s no guide book on how to navigate being a working musician during a global pandemic, so we were left to make it up as we went along. We wanted to document and create in the moment, and though we couldn’t be in the same room together due to social distancing lockdowns, we got creative.”
    Over the next few months, the band would re-record Hello Exile from their separate locations. “We would track the songs from our own home studios, share the files via dropbox, and pray it all made sense when pieced back together. Initially, we planned for the album to be similar to our acoustic demo collection ‘On The Possible Past,’ but we quickly found out that this batch of songs benefited from more detailed arrangements,” adds Barnett. “We rewrote, and changed keys and melodies. We blended analog and digital instruments in ways we never had before. We dug through old lyric notebooks and added additional verses. We got our dear friend Kayleigh Goldsworthy to play violin on two songs. No idea was off limits. Hell, I even convinced the band to let me play harmonica on a song (no small feat!). The recording process ran from mid-March till June, and upon completion we sent it over to our dear friend and close collaborator Will Yip to mix and master.”
    Since forming as teenagers in 2006, The Menzingers have shown their strength as rough-and-tumble storytellers, turning out songs equally rooted in frenetic energy and lifelike detail. To date, the band has released six studio albums, with their most recent, Hello Exile, released October 2019. Produced by Will Yip (Mannequin Pussy, Quicksand), Hello Exile sees The Menzingers take their lyrical narrative to a whole new level and share their reflections on moments from the past and present: high-school hellraising, troubled relationships, aging and alcohol and political ennui. With the band achieving that soul-baring intimacy all throughout the album, Hello Exile emerges as The Menzingers’ most emotionally daring work to date with Fader calling the album “The Menzingers’ greatest statement on adulthood to date.”
    The Menzingers is singer/guitarists Greg Barnett and Tom May, bassist Eric Keen, and drummer Joe Godino.

    Track Listing

    1. America (You're Freaking Me Out) (From Exile)
    2. Anna (From Exile)
    3. High School Friend (From Exile)
    4. Last To Know (From Exile)
    5. Strangers Forever (From Exile)
    6. Hello Exile (From Exile)
    7. Portland (From Exile)
    8. Strain Your Memory (From Exile)
    9. I Can't Stop Drinking (From Exile)
    10. Strawberry Mansion (From Exile)
    11. London Drugs (From Exile)
    12. Farewell Youth (From Exile)

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  2. fredwordsmith

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    FUCK YES. Such a good record and I love this scenes reimaginings.

    Manchester Orchestra’s COPE to HOPE is my gold standard but if these all sound as good as “America Pt. 2,” they have a shot.
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  3. kpatrickwood

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    Very cool- psyched to pick this up. Not to get all "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," but it'd be rad if they give some other songs from their back catalogue a similar treatment. Looks like we'll have the time.
  4. Steeeve Perry


    Looking forward to this. Hello Exile is their first album where I really like every single song, but overall it fails to reach the heights of OTIP or ATP, or even Rented World. For me, it's 12 songs that range from good to great but never quite exceptional, and overall it lacks the energy of their other albums. I don't think I'd have any HE songs in my top 10 Menzingers tracks (Anna, High School Friend, Strain Your Memory and Farewell Youth would have a shot at top 15-20). And none in my bottom 10-15 either (maybe America, which isn't bad but seems a little laconic to me, especially as an opener). Maybe fittingly then it sits right in the middle of their discography for me ranking-wise after OTIP and ATP, ahead of CW and RW. Hoping some of these reimaginings might elevate certain tracks to that absolute top-tier.
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  5. gbuffers


    I have been spinning Hello Exile so much in lockdown and the other day I was wondering whether they had done any acoustic performances of the songs. Perfect timing! I will definitely picking this up.
  6. kelseyleigh

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    Into it.