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The Menzingers – “America (You’re Freaking Me Out)” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. web250

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    Another track that I'm not crazy about the mix/production. And it kinda feels like a B-version of the the 1975's track thematically.
  3. fredwordsmith

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    God damn, this band can do no wrong. Starts off silly, ends up poignant.

    My ONLY criticism (and maybe it's my speakers) is that the vocals seem WAY far back in the mix. It's like they're on stage and the band is playing, and they're singing behind the drum kit. Is that just me?
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  4. alkalinexandy

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    The songwriting on this song is A+++. Lyrically, it's on-point and exactly what I've been needing to hear. Musically, it feels like a logical progression from After The Party... And it pairs well with "Anna." I like the direction that they seem to be headed in on this one.

    But that production. The vocals feel far back in the mix, and I can't help but wish those guitars had a bit more "punch" in that chorus.

    Either way. This is going to be on repeat the rest of the day for me.
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  5. CMilliken


    Great song!
  6. bmir14

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  7. RileyWitiw

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    On repeat.
  8. Stevie


    Great song. Muddy production. I’m sure in context of the album it will fall in to place so still excited :)
  9. .K.

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    Really like the song and the video. Very reflective of the times. Also got to say how I like the tie in previous videos and tour posters.

    Totally agree about the production. They recorded with Will Yip and and tried to record with live feel. It’s not like they are glossy band in any way, so I would have been fine with the same production style as ATP, but I get why as a band and producer they wanted to try something different.

    Still really looking forward to this album though, and Anna is still stuck in my head. The production will not be a deterrent from me listening to this album. Just point it out.
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  10. fredwordsmith

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    Production update: listened on what I think most would agree are decent speakers (Sonos 1 and 3 with a sub) and the vocals are WAY better. However, it's also not what most of their fans will likely be spinning this on.

    I forget which band did this, maybe blink, but they used to write songs and then play them on an old car audio to see how it would sound to the average fan. More bands should keep this in mind.
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  11. clucky

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    "America I love you but you're freaking me out"

    This is such a menzingers way to be political :crylaugh:. And I mean that in a good way. Definitely 2/2 so far. Looks like they're gonna give us yet another fantastic album.
  12. sawhney[rusted]2

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    I'm pretty sure its good practice for producers/mixers to start off processing the mix through studio monitors, then test out a variety of different types of speakers and settings to see how it sounds, but it may have been a deliberate choice
  13. parkerxcore

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    Have a feeling the production is going to take a lot away from this album for me :-/ happened to me with ETID - From Parts Unknown.
  14. sammyboy516

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    Jack White does that I think. Not sure if he’s who you were thinking of.
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  15. .K.

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    I remember hearing Mike Sapone (producer) have the band he was recording with drive around in a vehicle with him and listen to their record.

    It’s probably common with more personable producers, but it’s a good idea.
  16. fredwordsmith

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    Song also sounds better on noise cancelling headphones than AirPods.

    I get wanting a live feel, but After The Party's production was literally a masterclass. It sounded live, and the band had no issues replicating the performances. Why they would change from that is a mystery to me.

    Having said all that, goddamn this song is a grower.
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  17. Eml182


    Listened to this and Anna on some full range
    Floorstanders via qobuz, Menzingers do NOT crush dynamic range like the loudness wars so their albums sound best turned up loud and on big ass speakers and headphones. When you compress this mastering for mp3 on youtube it doesnt sound great. Let me have my Menzingers mixed appropriately and everyone else can have every other band mixed to shit!
  18. josh.


    Great song. Great video. Love these guys. A lot of this looks like Portland. Some shots are definitely in my neighborhood. Super fun to see that.
  19. This was great.
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  20. grimis16

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    Menzingers with another banger. Took a minute to get used to the vocals feeling too quiet/distant, but overall I'm a fan on first listen.
  21. Yellowcard2006


    Tom Delonge is gonna freak out when he sees this. Years of research and the Menzingers just put this out there public like it's nothing.

    Nice concept for the video.
  22. .K.

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    Both songs released so far have been stuck in my head since release.
  23. Sybil


    The Will Yip special....(most of the time).
  24. I feel like I live in an alternate world, the mix/master on ATP absolutely ruins that album. Way too cleaned up and polished compared to the organic grit that got into their sound on CW, OTIP, and RW.

    The vocal mix here is notably weird and the drums are still a little too forward for me but it is still easier for me to like this than the last record, from a sonic perspective.
  25. .K.

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    Last record still had grit to my ears. When you have a voice like Greg’s, when you have songs like Bad catholics and After The Party, when you have a little change up like Black Mass, vocal delivery on No Penance, and I could keep going.

    You can tell this bands is really taking their careers more and more professionally with each album. I actually Anna sounded a touch cleaner seeing them live verse the single, which is a little odd to me.