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The Master (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2012)

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by GEM37, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. GEM37

    The Day Star Approaches, You Know What It Brings

    One of the best films of the decade from one of the best filmmakers of a generation.

    Take it away, @Horrorca !
  2. Horrorca Mar 19, 2019
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    oh hey! thanks for starting this thread!

    I'll start by saying I wish I had more knowledge of film so I could make some points more eloquently - apologies in advance

    *mild spoilers ahead

    I think this is my favorite film of the decade so far - the first time I saw it, it was so much information I couldn't really muster any thoughts beyond "fucking sick"

    after watching it a few times (it does require a certain amount of will - like, you wouldn't want to watch this hung over, etc.), here are some initial points I'd like to make (got to study!)

    - the cinematography is sublime; the somewhat cold color (blue) pallets in many scenes, the way everything is framed (cinematic, duh, but also the weird angles where a column or something blocks our view (adding to the tension (what is happening))), and the visual representations are all stunning - those shots of Freddie (JP) passed out on the ship with the water roaring below just blow my mind

    - the story in itself I think is just a framework that allows us to explore a complex relationship (aren't they all); at first, I thought this was a story of cults (Scientology!) & how they prey on people with mental health issues (also clearly criticizing war & it's effects on people)... & it is about that, but also much more

    the way Freddy (JP) & Lancaster (PSH)’s relationship (friendship / love) is portrayed is deep and moving & that is what the movie is about, I think

    their love (think philia, not necessarily eros) for each other is genuine and strong, even tho the Cause is bogus & Lancaster may very well 100% know that - they see through each other's shit & fight because of it, but they continue to stick together almost until the end; it portrays how complex and demanding love (again, philia or any other type) can be & how we wrestle with other people's shortcomings (generated by selfishness, madness, trauma, stupidity, whatever) in order to love them

    there is also some explorations of love (this time eros too) between Peggy (AA) & Lancaster, although admittedly on a second plane; the bathroom handjob scene reveals a whole lot tho. I would have liked seeing this studied a bit more deeply (especially Peggy's jealousy towards Freddy (she seems to regret Lancaster's unconditional love toward Freddy)) but this was already ambitious as fuck, so I understand... it's not a film about her

    - the acting: JP, PSH & Amy Adams give the performance of a lifetime & their chemistry (especially JP + PSH's) is undeniable; two of my favorite actors together was a dream (rip PSH)

    - we get some cool character development here too which I love: like, JP becoming more humane by the end (I'd say, but some people don't seem to agree on that) and PSH struggling to come through with the Cause (his intentions not all that clear... again, not entirely sure if he was "well-intentioned" or just trying to take $$$ away from people, regardless of him knowing the cause is Bogus) & becoming more angry & frustrated, etc.

    - PTA is my favorite director because of all of the above & more...

    if anyone knows of a book that explores his art, I'd appreciate that

    tht's it for now, folks!
  3. Doomsday

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    I've seen this movie three times and each time I'm floored by it, for a lot of reasons I don't immediately understand, and I think your post captures it very well. I've only felt the same kind of awe from performances a couple times since, but this movie is just something else. I should rewatch it tonight

    I luv movies but I'm bad at articulating my thoughts so I often just go "oh wow that was hella dope" and keep it in my heart as a warm and fuzzy memory
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  4. inwaves

    the ships have all sailed to the sea

    Over time, this has overtaken Boogie and Blood as my favorite PTA film. I’m just awestruck every time I watch it.
  5. popdisaster00

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    need to watch this again
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