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  1. Either Taika or Rick Famuyiwa. Love both their work, but have no idea what this Star Wars show will look like with them directing.
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  2. aoftbsten

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  3. ship90 Aug 23, 2019
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    Hopefully we get that trailer during the Disney+ panel! :fingerscrossed:


  4. Dodger

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    The Disney plus logo kind of ruins the mood of it but awesome poster.
  5. aoftbsten

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    Cool poster. Agreed that I'd like a version without the D+ logo. Very excited to the Mandalorian part of the Disney+ panel today.
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  6. tvck

    Dirk is my savior

  7. ship90 Aug 23, 2019
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    Jon said he believes that Disney will release the episodes once a week instead of all at once. That would be my preference for sure
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  8. aoftbsten

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    Nice. I prefer it that way. The conversation and build is more fun.
  9. Anthony_

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    Yeah I'm honestly sick of full season dumps. I wish Netflix et al. would stop doing it. I love the week-to-week community discussion.
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  11. spiffa0


    Gimme trailer
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    I think the Disney+ panel starts in an hour, so it shouldn't be too much longer.
  13. ship90

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  15. Woo! youtube link

  16. Omg it looks so good. And Herzog!!
  17. Greg

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    Oh, hell yea.
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  18. xapplexpiex

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    I’m not a big SW fan, but this looks good.
  19. ship90

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    I’m so excited!
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  20. Gonna watch the hell out of this.
  21. Anthony_

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    Goddamn. No daylight between this and the movies visually, they clearly went all out. Looks awesome.
  22. Felt like I was watching a trailer for a Star Wars movie. It really looks great. I'm impressed.
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  25. Omni


    Looks incredible