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The Longshot Share Unreleased Songs

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 23, 2018.

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  2. Former Planets


    Well, at least he's learned his lesson from Uno, Dos, Tre.
  3. AMC


  4. bmir14

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  5. Former Planets


    I was being facetious...
  6. Fox83


    Wow. 12 tracks? This is like a full second album. Or are some of these on the actual album? Not familiar with song titles enough to say for sure.
  7. Former Planets


    All new I believe, can't tell if it's my laptop speakers but they don't sound quite up to the same recording quality
  8. silentc


    According to Billie Joe these songs are split into 3 EPs and all the songs are originals or covers that he recorded in his garage
  9. Former Planets


    Which would be rad if he’d give us a couple weeks to digest the full length first. I’d only started to appreciate the first three songs when the album dropped. Too much of an okay thing!
  10. clockwise


    Thankfully it doesn't seem like the trilogy has scared him into only releasing an album every 2-3 years. He's my fave songwriter of all time so I welcome anything he wants to put out into the world.
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  11. tdlyon

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    Most of them are covers and the originals feel more like demos than actual songs. Really cool shit in here though
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  12. Neon Light

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    Interesting that all the Green Day songs they've been playing live are from the Uno Dos Tre trilogy. Maybe he sees this project as an extension of the sound they were going for there but wasn't well received by fans or commercially. Or that Green Day should be the place for his best work, and this is going to be his outlet to write whatever he wants without the pressure.
  13. Jacktheskipper


    I really like some of these and I really like the raw sound in combination with their music ... I have a feeling that I'd enjoy the album even more than I do, if the production wouldn't be so "glossy" ... and I think it's kinda awesoe they give these away for free (at least for listening) ...
  14. josh.hofer


    Has anyone taken the time to rip all these songs to mp3s? Thinking about doing it later tonight.
  15. Former Planets


    Please share if you do.
  16. metallikunt

    I'm in love with the ordinary

    Got the 128 kbps files and album cover images loaded into the 3 correct folders (I labelled them as 3 EPs). I'm not good enough to get higher quality files than that though. I'm sure it's do-able, I'm just not able to do it.
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  17. Greg1


    Any chance you could share? That would be amazing.
  18. Former Planets


    They are on Amazon now and I’m sure other places