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    I don't know if it is because of my recently improved mental health, and the perspective of getting out of my awful family environment where I had to repress all my feelings for decades, but I'm starting to acknowledge my attraction to men more and more often. I have a lot of work and therapy to do before I can envision having a relationship with a man, but I think I'm getting there. Being reminded that gender and sexual identity based assaults happen on a daily basis by medias is terrifying though. I wish I didn't feel forced to hide my true self as to not get discriminated in any way.
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    they were way too nice this is so scary
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    That spoiler is absolutely horrifying.
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    Yeah this sounds triggering and upsetting.
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    mental health professionals: Don't show the suicide.
    13 Reasons Why: *does exactly that*

    Trans people: Uhh, maybe consult us?
    Girl: NOPE.
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    I wish I could go an entire day without being reminded how hated trans people are.
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    The fetishization of trans bodies by cis people gets on my nerves.
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    Also is anyone else concerned that the role is played by an actual 15/16 year old kid and there are apparently multiple extended scenes showing his genitals?
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    I might be in the minority, but I liked that 13 Reasons Why chose to show it. As someone who has been suicidal and self-harmed (mainly by cutting) for years, it was a scene that was definitely triggering, but in a much needed way. (for me that is) Really made me think of all those I could have truly hurt if I was to go through with it and moved me in a way that was extremely helpful, even if it was extremely difficult to watch.

    As for Girls, I fully agree, this hate and fetishization of trans bodies/obsession with their genitalia needs to stop.